Friday, July 7, 2017

Are you busy? Umm very!

I have a confession to make dear blog – one which may seem innocuous but isn’t helping me or the world! Well, as you may have already guessed by the post title - I like many other people make grandiose statements about how busy I am. Weekdays, weekends, at work, at home, mornings and evenings. There is hardly any day when I am not busy or at least when I pretend not to be busy. There is possibly something about being busy that is powerful, self-important and that puts one on a higher pedestal, otherwise why else would the whole world claim to be in a hurry?

I am not sure when my transition from being “bored” to being “busy” really happened. Because I remember as a child I always had too much time. I was bored easily and after playing, coloring, studying and sleeping, I would still have enough time to just loiter around or daydream endlessly. It was OK to have free time, to not do anything, to not be in a hurry. But God save me, if I actually claim to have free time now - people will either judge me or write me off because if you are not busy, you are surely not up there. 

In my unconscious endeavour of being busy, I guess I became a moron, more than anything else. Like sometimes, when I get calls on my office landline – I don’t care to say hello or ask how are you, not because I am being rude but if I can finish a call in 30 seconds flat, why waste 5 seconds saying hello. Many times, in fact I am surprised at the beautiful trees and the graffiti that I never noticed enroute my home – because may be I was busy cursing the traffic?! The slight pang of shame hit me a few days ago when in three different instances – I met people who knew me.. not like know me in person but know me in the sense that I stay in the same building as theirs or they have seen me briefly at the coffee break out area of my floor in office. I was zapped out of my wits, I had no clue who they were and how they knew me. Clearly I must have been busy looking at my phone screen while I crossed them. That is when I realised I need a reset button, rather a magic wand, that takes me back to being an un-busy, un-hurried and un-cluttered person. 

A lot of people (including myself) feel that in this mad rushed world, the panacea of all problems is a carefree and relaxed vacation. While everyone will tell you how vacations help rejuvenate body and soul, there is only a small problem named Facebook and if that was not enough there is Instagram too. So even when I go on a vacation now I take all my clutter and everything just along.  But having said that, I must tell you dear blog, that I have started experiencing this massive zen like calmness, if I go for a walk without my phone or when I actually care to ask how a person is doing without sounding in a rush or when I take my time to laugh, to cry, to eat, to just be in the moment. I don't know how long it's going to last but I will try and say that I am not busy next time someone pops the question :)