Saturday, April 1, 2017

Thank you Vicks.

A lot of you reading my blog today may have already seen the heartwarming video that Vicks released yesterday. It made me emotional and made me pick up my iPad to scribble. The video talks about two very important but neglected issues of our modern day society. The first being adoption and the second - rights of transgenders with an overarching theme of caring for everyone. While this one is already an internet favourite and being shared by lots of people I know, what is possibly more worthwhile is how we embed our society with positive stories, how we teach our next generation to innately be good and compassionate young people.

This is not the first time a brand has taken up a social message and stirred a few emotions. Only a day before, I watched a video by Asian paints on how they got their first all women applicator team and if I recollect correctly, there was another adorably sweet video by Surf Excel Pakistan on how a child helps an old man sell his sweets on Ramzan.

Internet, cinema, television - we have everything today to do more good than ever but unfortunately it is rarely that the opportunity is utilised. Of all the movies that I watched in the past year, some of the most impactful ones were Nil Batte Sanatana, Dangal, Lion and Dhanak. No introduction is required for Dangal and possibly Lion however the other movies barely made it to two weekends if not just one. We need more movies like Nil Batte Sanatana - simple, beautiful movies that talk about the need of education and equal opportunities for all. We need to be more inclusive, more open and more forgiving than we currently are. From slamming a celebrity wife to a young student, we have done it all and with fair bit of prejudice. We need to move beyond writing blogs (note to self), sharing videos, watching news channels and reading stuff on the internet that portrays everything that is wrong with the world.

For today and always, more power to the good things, positive stories and a new better world.