Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love dear love!

There is something magical about old love,   you know the love that is wrinkled in places but still pink with glow. I am a sucker for such love dear blog. How I get all teary, starry eyed whenever I get to see a glimpse of old love. Not to say that I don't love the young love. The magical, tender, new love. The oh-so-delicate yet real love. Lucky is a person who gets either and blessed the one for whom one merges into another.
There is a third kind of love as well, the hard love. The love without roses and songs, the one that comes with thorns and  forlorn. I, in the knowledge of my limited circle started to believe that hard love doesn't exist anymore. I thought, its the era of bygones, and in the world connected with watsapp, FB, emails, calls, agreeable parents one possibly couldn't  experience the hard love. But well, could I be further from the truth!
We were in Kutch for a short trip and there we hired a cab and along came a happy driver. Eager to take us around, be our guide and always ready to go an extra mile. He told us many a tales about the lives and people of Kutch but nothing as fascinating as his own love story. It started eight years back in a mela in Kuchh. He met a girl and fell in love. They started dating in the limited means of a small town life. They confessed their love for each other but soon hell broke lose. He is a Muslim and the girl a Hindu. Need I say more or I could just let you guess. The girl's family did everything they could to get the driver boy out of their way, which included putting him in jail for two nights. But the love survived because the girl didn't shy. The Nikah took place in December and now they are together. I almost clapped in joy, for such love is not just hard to find, but harder to survive.
For today and forever, this one is for all those who made it happen, for the ones who didn't take the easy way out, for the ones that stuck their neck out. May you never outgrow love and may you experience the bliss of love forever.
To our happy driver and his new wife. 


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