Friday, February 24, 2017

Errr, I want to leave at 6!

I rarely write about workplaces primarily because workplace is a small constituent in my overall scheme of things and more often that not, it doesn't give me interesting, inspiring perspectives to write about. I often stumble onto beautiful places and people who are far away from where I work and so it gives me little opportunity if at all to write about. Today, I am making an exception because I have something to rant about. Let me at the outset tell you, I absolutely love working and a few days off from work makes me cranky and irritable, but having said that I am also someone who is a sticker for time, time of leaving office.

Yes, the oft repeated debate about when one should leave office. Very early in my career, I figured that I am not going to pull off late working hours, I knew I didn't like to hang around coffee places or idle gossip during the day if I can't manage a free evening. And so began the constant tussle of my leaving office on time and for others to pull me down. It has been the strangest thing I have ever felt - colleagues, friends, bosses or key stakeholders, they have at some or the other point commented sarcastically on me being away at the tick of the clock. It's strange because most of them propagate leaving office on time and yet pass on the taunt whenever they feel like. I have been fortunate in the sense that none of it impacted the recognition or the growth that I got wherever I worked. However, as a HR professional and someone pretty much passionate about her work, there is thing I would like to pen down. If a colleague is leaving office at the hour you can't manage to leave, then you should be the one feeling apologetic rather than the colleague who is rushing to play with her child or going for a zumba class or has a doctor's appointment or who simply enjoys her chai in the balcony where she can see her plants grow! Are we really saying that a person who has been in the office for 12 hours is more productive than a person who has had the time to go for a long walk and then sleep blissfully. Why is that employees smugly boast about night outs, skipping important family events, forgetting their loved one's birthdays but never taking a pause and feeling sorry about it. Why is is that I know no one, who can hold her neck high and say that for the past one year, I have never stayed back late at work or I have never missed my guitar lessons, case of misplaced priorities huh? Believe me you, I have nothing against people who like to give their heart and soul to work but well I am not that person and I would rather take pride in being who I am than being sorry for who I am not.

Workplaces need correction and that will happen when everyone makes a concerted effort to put away the bias that tells us 12 hours is better than 8 or that a person who has nothing to say apart from work is better placed for a promotion than a person who reads, writes, dances, paints and runs. There was a reason why we had extra-curricular and sports being emphasized in school, it's time that workplaces re-do their strategy or be content with robots replacing wonderful human beings they once hired!

Here is to a life full of everything and a little bit of work :)




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