Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Har ghar kuch kehta hai

You remember dear blog, from a few years ago there was this tag line in a TV ad campaign. Asian paints had these really cute stories and end of it, they would say "har ghar kuch kehta hai". I found them extremely adorable specifically the one where two little kids are putting all kinds of cuttings on the walls and making their house look like a zoo or a sea. It's amazing you know, how you turn a house into your own little beautiful world.

As you may have guessed by now, we moved into our home about 3 months back and let me assure you, it has been the biggest project of our lives till date. Not just because, you are constantly bombarded with ideas of how to do up your house but because you finally call something your own. A home is that place where you will possibly create memories and meals and everything else. There are so many people, who will tell you, don't buy a house, rather invest in travel or experiences, but I am going to tell you to buy a house and make it your home. It's an experience, it's a journey of how you create it from scratch, how you turn it into something real, how you love coming back to this place called home.

Homes are not just pretty walls and exquisite furniture and lovely decor, it is really the warmth that makes it worthwhile. It's the constant laughter, chatter, meal times, messy rooms (once in a while) that makes them amazing.  I am very traditional you know that way, I always tell my friends to fall in love, get married, settle down, make a career and now of course to buy a house. Isn't everything that we do dear blog, is to become a better version of ourselves and what could be a better way than to celebrate the triumphs and tribulations in a place called home!

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Satyadev Chawla said...

Disappointing choice of subject after a considerable gap.I miss your earlier blogs where your expressions and compassion were beautifully integrated.