Saturday, September 24, 2016

For the love of yumminesss

You know dear blog, how I am constantly obsessed about what is cooking at my place, no not like what's up at my place.. But more like what is the next meal going to be. I am either telling my cook what is to be cooked next or nagging my husband about what he wants to eat next. I am not even as much a foodie or so I believe, but my obsession is unparalleled. I used to always tell my mom, how can you be asking about the next meal when this one is yet to get over and she would just smile indulgently. That smile, now I know, meant.. lets see if you will turn out like me and Whoa I am such a replica.

Food really connects one to the soul, I mean, look at the colours, the produce, the aroma, the tingling of the palate, the happiness of recieving and giving a compliment based purely on the character of food. Shows like Masterchef Australia and other desi channels like Living foods and food food only add fuel to the fire. Over the past few years, the craze has just increased, novices like me put up every plate of food on Instagram accounts, marvelling at how beautifully this one has been created. Selfies on dinner dates have become a second fiddle to the gorgeous food that is served. My husband is mostly complaining, can we start eating if you are done with food photography and I am like, no baby no, not yet ;)

On the lunch table in office, the bunch of girls that we are, are either sharing recipes or discussing about eatery recommendations. And we are from all over the country, there is Maharashtrian food, Gujju snacks, Bong dishes, North Indian tadka, delicacies from Bihar and other places. The best thing about food is, it's not racist. Like you can go wrong in a fancy restaurant with elaborate descriptions or go gaga about the small joint which gave you lip smacking food. All the hardcore foodies I know, do not differentiate between a 100 rupee snack meal or a 5000 rupees degustation. It's a wonderful world for foodies, an amazing time to do culinary experiments.

Since I am on the topic, I realised that while we revel in the lip smacking food, it is our responsibility to not waste, for there are hundreds and thousands who still await their square meals a day. In our office, a month or so back, just outside the canteen, they started putting a board with the wastage in kilos and how many people it could have fed. The wastage has drastically come down, but we have a long way to go. Before I close this post, I am sharing this wonderful initiative for anyone who just happens to hop over my blog :)

More yumminess and smiles to all!