Thursday, July 21, 2016

Paperboats :)

Doesn't everything look different in rains, dear blog. Every time I look outside my window, all I want to do, is get into my bed, snuggle in a blanket and read a nice book or watch a good movie, while munching on hot bhajiya and chai. The city and my neighborhood looks brilliantly green and I can't help but get amazed at what rains can achieve. There are puddles, potholes, insane traffic and the constant fear that my clothes are going to be smeared in mud, but there is something mesmerizing about rains.

I remember when I was young, covered in a life sized raincoat, I used to rush to get to the school bus. When I would come back, mom would dry me up with a towel, inspect my white skirt and shoes for mud stains and then let me go out to play with friends.  I can still recall vivid images of paper boats which would sail in our verandah. On some odd days, there was no school, and on other our garage had water till my knees. But all it meant was long play days and yummy hot soups.

I remember this one time, when I was in Roorkee, it was monsoon and my chachu was going on a bike ride. I wanted to go with him and he convinced my grandmother, that it will be a short ride and I can go with him. How thrilled was I, I mounted myself on the bike, in front of him and it rained like never before. When we came back, after a long ride, we were not just wet, but shivering with cold. I had the time of my life and my Chachu got a good scolding from everyone.
Last year AD and I were in Bandra, for general chilling and it started to pour. We ran like children for we had no umbrellas and we found a teeny tiny shade for one person to stand. AD made me stand and ran again to get the car, by the time we got into the car, I was slightly wet and AD was drenched. We dried ourselves and laughed at how Mumbai rains are crazy beyond measure. Here is to the beautiful, damp, mad monsoon! May you continue to give me stories that last a lifetime :)