Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#Brave and Beautiful

It is such a wonderful time to be born in, dear blog. There is so much to know, so much to admire, so much to be inspired from. The other day, I was randomly surfing on Youtube when I found a beautiful campaign by Dabur Vatika. The video showed a cancer survivor getting dressed for her first day at work after recovery. She looked at herself with apprehension, for she had no hair now. The video ends with her husband and friends showering her with a lot of love and affection. The tag line was something like, how some people don't need hair to look beautiful. I was moved to tears, partly because I have seen cancer patients in my family and partly because the video was an amazing tribute to the strength and courage of a woman.

While what I have described above was a campaign to be showed on television, there were other videos too. The videos had stories of women from eclectic backgrounds, describing what they went through during their fight with cancer. An 18 year old and a hairdresser, both talked with tears in their eyes, about the pain, the treatment and the agony of losing their hair. Fact of the matter is that hair is an integral part of how a woman looks and to lose them can be quite traumatising. It is a surprising fact, that while there are hundreds of campaigns on being fair, flawless, thin, having long hair etc there are hardly any on being brave, kind, courageous!

Anyway, campaigns or no campaigns, there are people enough and more who lead the way. Couple of days back, results of the highly coveted Civil Services exams were out and guess who made it to the top. A differently abled woman, Wow, I mean, such a stunning victory it is. I read and read more articles about her, on where she studied, what she likes, where she worked and so on. There may thousand of congratulatory notes now, but when she was in her struggle, she was alone. When she was turned down in 2010, she fought it out by herself, for herself. Hats off to the spirit and more power to Ira!