Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Haven't I made my stand clear dear blog with the title that I have given to the post. I am appalled, aghast, shocked, all at the same time. There is this one actor, celebrity, whatever he may be, killed a person due to his callousness and there is a sympathy wave for him!! Like really, are we losing it collectively as a society. When I saw the NDTV snippet on my phone which flashed that Salman Khan has been convicted, I thought, finally at last, after all these years at least he is proven guilty.  Little did I realise, that the same NDTV snippet, evoked so many different emotions. People feeling bad, coming out in solidarity, showing sympathy, hash tagging in his support. What kind of society does that, what kind of people show sympathy to someone who killed a person and gravely injured four others in his drunken revelry. How insensitive can it get when Bollywood comes together and comments on how people should not be sleeping on footpath, how it is equivalent as commuting suicide. I fail, and fail miserably to see reason in any of the argument that has been given today in support of Salman Khan. 

There are other people too, who vociferously argued, that "it doesn't matter" because even his getting convicted won't change anything. He will get bail, he will appeal in higher courts and thus nothing will change. I don't understand such deep rooted cynicism, he may get bail and he may go and appeal however, what will not change is that he indeed is convicted in a long pending case. What doesn't change, is that even after all these years, justice has been delivered. There can be debate on the quantum of punishment and the long delay but all said and done it is a step in the right direction. 
The more I see, I read I am convinced that there is hope. And hope is the only thing, that keeps the belief in life alive. 

Before I go to sleep in my cozy bed, a silent prayer for all those who will sleep at the footpath tonight, for all those who are less fortunate, for all those who live and die without sympathy. They won't hashtag today but I am sure, many will. #WeDon'tLoveSalmanKhan.