Saturday, March 21, 2015

Women! Amazing women!

I can never get enough of women, like never ever. Aren't they absolutely amazing, wonderful creatures. Selfless and jealous, beautiful and self critical, cruel (not as much) and kind, angry and warm all at the same time. The more women I meet, the more I know them, the more I think, this one is special, that one is truly remarkable and this one, an absolute charmer. I don't think our society does enough justice to them but then, do they care. I think not, their ability to rise, rise above what seems impossible, what seems insurmountable is not a virtue but a character in itself.

The other day, I was invited to a Women's Day event, which was hosted by AD's organization. I thought much about spending an entire evening for "some" Women's Day event. But then, AD insisted and I went. Such a wonderful, incredible evening it was. I got to meet and listen to ordinary women, extraordinary in their own special way. Two of them truly touched my heart, one who at the age of 55 filed for a divorce, took up a rented flat and started working for the first time in her life. She started writing poems and articles and soon became a journalist. She says she is a content person now. The marriage was a failed one, it only took her 30 years to realize, and the day she realized, she walked out. This may be easy to write for me, but her voice quivered when she narrated, her story. The other woman, graceful and self assured was a cancer survivor, who runs her own coaching institute. She gave herself 6 months to recover physically and mentally and she did. Her enthusiasm for life never died and she truly exemplified living life queen size. These women are like hundreds and thousands of other women who have been fair to themselves and are proud of it.

There are other women too, who I meet everyday, who I think about often, who may not be as fortunate, but are nonetheless superstars. Like, I can never forget, my grandma, who died of cancer. She did not live to see my wedding, but she tried, she tried real hard, to live through her last days. She was strong and smiled often, she thanked God innumerable times during the day. Isn't that incredible, isn't that called faith.

The other day, I was talking to my new cook, she told me she has 3 daughters and 2 sons whom she has raised all by herself. Her husband, could never get enough work to feed 7 mouths. She, took it upon herself, and today, she manages to meet the ends. She cooks from morning 6 am to night 9 PM, so that her children could study and settle for a better life. I really hope, that happens for she deserves each bit of it.

On a lighter note, I watched this movie "Dum laga ke haisha", and I absolutely loved the lead actor, for she had self worth, and no self pity whatsoever! :)

That's all for tonight, dear blog. Night.

Posting a picture from the super event!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Abundance or none

Its been so long dear blog, that I wrote to you, but not without a reason. I was keeping quite busy, busy in the usual sense. And I am glad about it, I think being busy with the usual keeps one going, keeps one on the toes, happy toes that is. We moved to another house and I moved to another job. So you know, a whole lot of new things, job, boss, cook, house, that's about everything that consumed me. Now, having settled in the larger sense, I have found some time to write, to tell you what's been going on in my mind.

Last month, we traveled to Jaipur, for AD's cousin's wedding, we had an early morning flight, which we missed, in a bizzare first time ever. Alarms did not go off, cab guy didn't turn up and the flight people didn't care, so we missed it. I was hugely disappointed and so ended up checking all possible flights from Mumbai to Jaipur. The lowest fare that we got was about 38000 and it did seem a tad too much for a 2 day trip, hence we checked trains! Oh Boy, I was so excited, train travel would be fun. But, as it happens in our country, we couldn't get the tickets, we still went to the railway station and to our pleasant surprise, some agent gave us confirmed tickets at a premium price. So, we started, enthused and joyous about the journey. Little did we know, that our enthusiasm would fade soon, for the tickets we had in our hands, were for only for a quarter of the journey. As soon as the train reached Baroda, I was made to get up from where I was sitting in an unceremonious manner, I got up and thought, big deal, we would get a berth. We didn't, my optimism faded, and I looked like this helpless sleep girl, who was not used to the ways of a train. When the TT, confirmed that he couldn't give us any berth, the helper boys, came rushing to us and whispered to AD, take our place and give us money. You know dear blog, which place, they were talking about, their own sleeping place - small, narrow, wooden plank which is indescribably close to the washroom and the gate. Can you believe that, those men were ready to sleep on the floor and give up that little place for some measly amount of money. That was the first time, I realised what is it to take a flight and reach anywhere without having to worry, about anything. First time, I realised what is it to sleep on a bed, well cushioned to your comfort. Anyway, the train reached Jaipur on time, the next day and we did get a berth, journeys I tell you.

The other day, we were in office discussing about, various organisations who have tied up with crèche services, so that working women, can just walk over or log in to a link and watch their little ones. We thought, how great it is, to have such services available in today's world. Few days later, I observed that the person, who comes to pick up our trash gets his entire family along, wife, and two little children. I asked AD, the kids also come, strange, it is. He said, what choice do they have, They have no house, kids have no school, no crèches and so they tag along wherever their parents go. It broke my heart dear blog, such little kids, going round and round on each floor, watching their parents collect trash. The kids father, once told us that we could tell him, if we need any kind of help. We called him once, to clean our balconies, the children came and sat in our house, watched TV and thoroughly enjoyed the cake I had baked while their father cleaned. If only, all children had a childhood to cherish.

Strange are the ways of this world dear blog, while there is abundance that it is difficult to measure, there is dearth that is hard to imagine.