Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ego behind the wheels!

I hate driving dear blog and I hate it since the time, I started driving. It isn’t a particular incident that I wish to narrate neither is it some kind of fear or phobia. Its just been on my mind for a few months now and I never came down to writing about it, because I thought it is kind of trivial. But well well, when have I last written about things of great importance so I might as well write this one too! You know what I particularly dislike about driving, strange as it may sound but it is the ego. I just hate the blatant display of huge bloated egos on the road. I have experienced so many times, with others and myself. How shamelessly people conduct themselves on the road. They honk, they abuse, they threaten for absolutely nothing. I don’t remember the last time, the same people who honked like no one’s business  to have shouted in a mall or abused in a fine dining restaurant. It is something about roads in our country, that people feel it’s okay. I have never been genuinely smiled at by a fellow driver on the road let alone sighting a waving hand! It was in New Zealand that I saw people on the road, calm, composed, happy and waving all the time. I almost disbelieved their gesture but then that is pretty much true. All our great tirade about culture, language and respect goes swooshing out of the window when you are here, behind the wheels.


Anonymous said...

jeena yahan marna yahan iske siva jaana kahan?

Satyadev said...

good comment.while living in urban jungle, do not expect laws of civil society!