Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New new newwwww!!

I have been giving an ear-to-ear smile dear blog since yesterday and you would laugh if I tell you the reason. But I am so excited and kicked that I just can't digest and thus here I am writing to you about good things that life brings. So first things first, I got a new role at work, yippie! I have no idea what I am supposed to do, where to begin from, how am I going to meet deadlines but believe you me, I am ecstatic. It's like the way I used to feel, when I would get new books for the next standard, I wouldn't understand anything but the freshness of new books, the feel of crisp pages, the fact that I may be capable of something slightly bigger used to give me such a high!

I have been in a similar role at work for the last four years and the newness is just as awesome as it can get. While this is the happy news at work, there are things at home too, to be happy about. Like boy got me a diary, yes a diary and a swanky pen with which I write. It feels wonderful to be able to use the pen and write random stuff about life and the like in that diary. I mention completely frivolous details about the day but but but it works wonder with the brain. I hope to open it some day and read it loud and giggle. I even wrote on the front page of the diary: Ashish and Neha, private and confidential. And at the cost of sounding extremely silly, I even made small hearts on that page. 

I love all new things: new role, new house, new relationship status and yes new speakers. Did I mention that we are going to buy new speakers tomorrow. On a tangential note, we went to Matheran last weekend. What fun, we did a trek, sat through a magic show, went for a swim, played table tennis. Fantabulous is the word. And we stayed in this really Victorian styled resort. No luxury, no modernities just the basics. That place reeked of such old world charm. We were mesmerised completely and I, as usual was in awe of old couples who too were on a romantic weekend :-)


Haddock said...

old couples too are entitled for a romantic weekend :-)

Like the font you have used.

Neha Dua said...

Haddock - absolutely, old couples are entitled to romantic weekends and a lot more :-) I adore them!

I am so glad that someone else also likes the font I use, zeroed on this after a LOT of hit and trial.