Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mumbai - that I hadn't seen

You know dear blog, irrespective of what people feel about Mumbai, I like Mumbai, I really like Mumbai but unlike my first stint, my second stint here isn't very pleasant. I feel confused and often bewildered by the ways of the people here. The same people who I thought were no-nonsense and would be the least kind of trouble makers.

I live very close to office and thus cannot find an auto, I have never cribbed about that because I have always believed that if Mumbai throws problems on you, then it also showers you with twice the number of solutions. So I figured out soon, that unlike Delhi I could just tag along with anyone taking an auto and be safely dropped close to home or I can walk down like many others or I could take a shared auto to Bandra station which will pass by my house. I found the third one most hassle free  and thus regularly started doing it. One fine day at about 7 30ish I did the same, I took the auto almost oblivious of who was sitting next to me. I felt suddenly someone trying to come close enough for discomfiture. I turned sideways and gave a ferocious look, he retracted. I got down and rushed home. He was a man of about 40 years, a regular office goer, a nondescript native who had dared to do something outrageous. That left an ugly taste and I became much more conscious of my surroundings, of public transport in this beloved city. Other day, it was a Saturday, AD and I came back from Phoenix Mills at about 11. We found a small place to park our car, when suddenly, a man of about 50 along with 3 other people started misbehaving with us. He did so because he claimed that it was his parking and NO ONE could ever take that. My blood boiled for he looked at our Car number and said, look the arrogance of Delhiites. I was aghast dear blog, I wanted to slap him tight; the stinking, crude man who belittled us for no fault of ours. It pained me how he stereotyped us and threatened us. He said in as many words, "Gunda raj hai mera", he meant, get away or you are in trouble. We got away. This is about a three month old incident. Just when we thought we are settled, quietly in our little house, we got a jerk yet again. AD was in Goa for work last week and I had a crazy schedule in office so practically, there was no one at our house. When we got back, we noticed something peculiar with our car. The edge of the window panes were all tampered with, AD took the car to a mechanic only to find a 12 inch steel scale being extracted out of the window pane. The mechanic told AD, someone tried real hard to steal your car but couldn't.

Isn't it sad dear blog, that a newly wed working couple has to deal with such nonsense everyday. We
pay our tax, our house rent, the auto fare, everything that we are supposed to and then grapple with such basics. Look at the irony of it all, I switch on my TV and I watch ads after ads of how each of these political parties is
going to make our lives better and then dejected I think, really!?!