Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's a lazy Sunday dear blog, boy has left for office half an hour back and I am listening to AR Rahman's track from Highway, in the middle, thought of you. What do I tell you today, vacation to New Zealand, being a happy chef or Mumbai. I think I will pick up the first, for obvious reasons, one it was my happy honeymoon and two because it was truly amazing. We began thinking of our vacation even before we were formally engaged, I think partly because we had fallen head over heels for each other and partly because it is supposed to be cool to plan a vacation together :D Like a lot of other things, we had different ideas in mind. Boy wanted mountains, quaint towns, peace and just the two of us, I on the contrary thought of sea beaches, pretty cities, romantic dinners! I suggested to him that let's figure out what our married friends were upto and take their recommendations.

In the course of four months, we had in our dreams traveled the entire globe, we had been to Bali, Maldives, Australia, Europe, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Mauritius. We were practically scratching our heads on where to head to. The only thing both of us were convinced about was that we wanted to take it easy and relax while holidaying. I don't remember how and why we zeroed New Zealand but one fine day, we knew that New Zealand is where we were headed. Far far away from our country, we decided to go. While we started talking and googling more about NZ, we figured out that it fits in our scheme of things, it gives AD mountains and quaint towns and it gives me sea and cities, more importantly it gives us all the space that we needed after the wedding. Many people had told us, that NZ is as beautiful as it can get but I was completely in awe when I saw what all NZ had to offer. The country is such a picturesque place that I would always be confounded to what to click and what not to. There were times, when AD would stop the car and we would just gaze at the mountains, oceans, sun together. It was too much for a person like me, who has always been comfortable in concrete structures. When I would breathe, it would feel light, the nostrils could almost smell the airy air and
the muscles would open up to the breeze.

New Zealand just didn't boast of outstanding views but of extremely warm and friendly people too. People who would greet everywhere: in the shopping arcades, in restaurants, while clicking pictures, while sun bathing. They would pass such nice gestures to complete strangers. It was heart touching and very comforting, after all, we were just two brown people, married for a week, in a far far away land. They would compliment my Chooda, red bangles as they would call it and give me a thumbs up for having jumped out of the helicopter!

It was an amazing amazing vacation dear blog but you know what, there is no place like home. So go on, explore the world but come back home soon, very soon :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I do

It's been such a long break from writing to you dear blog. I have been away not just from you, but from everything else that used to be. Honestly, I don't regret it, you know how it is, how one event, one relationship, one person takes precedence over everything else. I am not sure where to start from, what's to write about first - wedding, being married, away from home, life with AD, Mumbai or the new ex-CM of Delhi (just kidding :))

I think I am not over my wedding as yet, I don't think I will ever be, so why not pen it down here, somewhere in the online space, where my grandchildren will someday be able to read and laugh at their toothless old granny. I don't know if it is now that I have started going in the fast forward mode or was I always like that. Anyway, coming to where I started - my wedding. If you ask me to describe it in one word then it would be BEAUTIFUL, you know just the kinds I had always dreamed of. It was picture perfect, the chill in the air, the flowers, the candle lit stage, the instrumental music, the food layout.. I loved each bit to pieces. AD was late and I kept waiting for him not like a coy bride but like a happy, chatty bride. I wasn't nervous at all, which was hugely surprising because I was a nervous wreck a day before. Just when he entered, I got up to brace that one walk which is supposed to be like THE WALK of life. I walked along side my cousins and friends underneath a bed of roses. I felt like a superstar, with cameras flashing all over, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that the day, that moment had indeed arrived. Before, I went up the raised platform, AD  stretched his hand to take my shaky hand in his and then we stood smiling and blushing. We exchanged the garlands and laughed like this stupid couple in love.

The good part, I mean another good part of my wedding was that I didn't feel sleepy at my usual 11 30ish, I was wide awake and took all the vows with utmost sincerity and devotion. It was only after takings the 7 pheras, it dawned on me that I am going to go, leaving my mom dad alone. I cried and cried and cried some more. I hugged daddy cool and told him that I don't want to go, he cried with me, hugged me tight and then softly gave my hand in AD's. I don't think any word can describe that feeling, that sinking feeling of leaving your parents, your home and going with this one person. I took that leap, I did, with a heavy heart and tears eyes, entered a new relationship, a new family, a new life. I am thinking right now of what to write next because the new life with God's grace turned out to be fantastic not like what it used to be, but great in every sense! That in short dear blog was a glimpse of my very gorgeous and amazing journey called - I do!