Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One thank you in never enough

This is the last day of 2014 and I wanted to make it a point, to take out some time and write down some stuff that I usually never write. This one is not going to be like a typical blog post, in which I go ranting about my life, experiences and people. But, before, I forget what I intend to write, I want to quickly give you a recap of what is happening with me. You know like the recap which used to be the opening shot of those yesteryear's serials, like Humlog  and all. It was quite a nice way of recalling the important details without too much time and effort. So, here goes my recap, I have quit my loooong association with ICICI Bank, and I am currently unemployed. I am quite happy about this break, for I got time for myself. My parents were here for 10 days and we had such a wonderful time. Roamed about in Mumbai, went for a short trip to Daman and met up with my Mamu Mami. I have my new job starting from Jan 5th and am pretty kicked about it. Apart from that, we are moving into a new house, which will be closer to my new office. New year is round the corner and as you can see, I have a lot of new things to look forward to. If only I could convince AD that I need a new haircut. He adores my hair the way they are, long and straight, and I dream everyday about getting them cut. I will have to invest some more time before that happens, for now, it will be a new job, a new house and a NEW YEAR!!

On the last day of every year, I usually get into my contemplative mood and think about my best and worst moments. This year, I won't do any of that, because I think it was a great year, like all other previous years and I am grateful for that. I am thankful for the good food, good books, good job, good people that surround me, If I start counting all the nice things that happened to me, this post will become a never ending post. So, I am going to end with a big THANK YOU and a hope that the next year will also be amazing and full of life.

Signing off with a smile! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I am NOT a domestically challenged bride!!

When I blogged yesterday dear blog, about how life moves and priorities change, I was writing what is true for me, no way it compared with anyone else's way of living their lives. But today I am writing for a reason. I went through an article online about being a domestically challenged bride, which in effect talked about how a working woman should not be measued by her cooking skills etc. A working woman, the article argued had so much to offer like being worldly wise, being an advisor to husband and hence it, made no sense for the woman to take interest in trivial stuff like cooking and cleaning. Well, well, I disagree in huge measure. First, why should a woman be measured at all, working or non working. Isn't she a complete being in her thoughts and actions, if she reads a lot or a little, if she cooks or not, if she works in a company or not, should these be the deciding factors while judging a being, I think not.

The second and the more important issue I have is about how trivialised domestic matters have become. While, let me say upfront that I have a help who cooks and cleans for us but that in no way means that I don't take interest in domestic matters. I work for at least 10 hours a day, I like to read and write and I like trying out new recipes and keeping my house super clean. I  do it, not to prove a point but because I like it. It lets me appreciate small, simpler things of life. I don't understand this fad of being super proud because a person doesn't like to cook or clean. Please note, I have used the word "person" because it's high time, we stop stereotypes, like a working woman, can't cook or a woman who is not an avid reader cannot advise in worldly matters. While, I write this, my heart goes out to all those people who don't work and don't cook, how miserable would those people feel, worthless to say the least.

I have observed so many times that whenever I tell someone in my peer group or office, that all I did over the weekend was cooking and cleaning, people look at me with contempt. Isn't that funny dear blog, why should I always have to sound like this super ambitious girl who doesn't care about how a house is run. I care about how my house is run and so I devote some time every day/weekend to ensure that everything is proper. After all, it's our house, my partner and I are not doing a favour to anyone else by doing such trivial stuff but only ourselves. By the way, the same set of people who mock me for being "domesticated" also expect that their partners who are working and slogging hard in office should contribute towards domestic affairs. Why such hypocrisy?!?

I feel dear blog, that there is a tendency to exaggerate simple things. My mantra in life, is simple, if painting gives you a high then paint till your heart's content, if you like to cook, go ahead cook, if all you like is working , then do that, and if you are someone like me, who likes to do both, then so be it. It is not a matter of pride or shame, it is just a matter of choices! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Been so long since I last blogged, and do I regret it, each bit. But then I smile and say that may be this is how life moves. You know what I am saying, like life moves and with every move, every step, new stuff happens. You get involved in so many things, priorities change and most importantly, you change as a person. I am not sure if I have written this before, but for the past few months, I am absolutely obsessed with recipes, my kitchen, bed covers, cushion sets, grocery shopping et al. I don't remember in many many years while I was at home, getting fussed about such stuff. I used to think that I don't care much with what's cooking in the kitchen or what groceries shopping means! I used to give my opinion on bed covers and stuff but then that was it, no getting fussed on trivial matters.

When I got married, I don't know how, I got fascinated with everything that completes a house. I started taking special care to ensure that our house is spic and span. Even if that means, I have to let my chilling time take a backseat. I like it you know, while some people may judge me and call me boring about wanting to cook and clean over weekends, but that's what I like. It's difficult to say with certainity why I love cooking or cleaning but I do. We have a cook - Manisha, a gem of a help,  who makes all the meals for us, but I tell over weekends, that she can chill, for I am going to be the chef in the kitchen. The most funny thing is this habit I got, about asking AD what special stuff he wants to have over weekends. I remember when mom used to ask me the same question and I used  to be like, please don't ask me. It is weird in a very hilarious way, how I behave like the mom of the house! I want us to have healthy food, I want the wardrobes to be perfect, I want the cushion and bed covers to be changed frequently. AD helps quite a bit and I am not sure if he loves doing this as much as I do, but he helps, always, willingly .

Someone very rightly said, that happy time flies by. AD and I have completed one year of being with each other. Isn't that amazing, how we met, we became friends, he proposed, I said yes, we became lovers, the big fat wedding and then one day we were husband and wife, trying to figure out each other's eccentricities. I was still wondering about all the above, when it hit me, we have completed one blissful year! I tell everyone around me, get married, it will give you a dimension that you never had before. Get married to experience what togetherness really means. Get married so that you can belong to someone and someone can belong to you :-)

You want to take a guess dear blog, on why I could find the time to blog over a weekend, AD isn't home and what could have been a  better way than to spend an afternoon cooking, reading and writing! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kanjak! Then and now :-)

Today, dear blog for the first time, we did Kanjak at our place. You know, Kanjak is a very very special day that I have grown up with. I remember, how mom used to make halwa, poori, chhole, call over all my friends and then used to do small puja. I would get up early, wear new clothes and would be super excited about getting little knick knacks. You know like 10 rupees, dairy milk, hair clips and of course the yummy halwa chhole. There were so many houses that I needed to visit during Asthami and Navami. I, including other girls were the highlight of the day and I loved each bit of the attention. I remember how I was a shy little girl, I used to sit and stand as would the Aunty instruct me, smile coyly and not say much beyond a namaste. At home, it was more fun, I could ask for more money, more chocolates and of course boss around. When I was not as little a girl, I still continued be the Kanjak at my place and I loved the feeling, it was quite festive.

Now, while I am married and all that, my MIL said, that we could do Kanjak. Can you believe that dear blog, how life comes a full circle. While till last year, I used to still get at least a couple of plates of poori halwa to planning how we will do it at our place. Anyway, so we were quite kicked about doing this. AD and I planned each tiny detail, like what both of us will cook, what we wanted to give, how many kanjaks should we call and other related stuff

Since, the last few years I have observed, how my friends and other little girls who stayed close by, stopped coming over and my maid's children, or the car cleaner's girls would come over for Kanjak. We had no clue, where we would get our Kanjaks fromwho would come and grace the occasion. So I spoke to Manisha, (my cook and my awesome company when AD isn't home) she said she has an uncle who has 5 daughters and she would get all of those for the puja. That sounded good, 5 girls, we thought was great. After a crazy morning of running and walking around BKC (we were sweating it out in a marathon!) AD, Manisha and I prepared all stuff. When everything was done up perfectly, AD and I sat and waited for the little girls to arrive, we waited and waited a little more, but no one came. Manisha called to say that they can't come for some reason. I panicked, you know, it was our first Asthami Puja at home and no one came. At that very moment, I heard chit chattering of children, right below our house, I ran barefoot to see, who was there and you won't believe, I found nine little girls, happy and dressed up. I asked one of them to come over to our place for a small puja for 5 minutes, she said she couldn't as they were going for a party! But then I spoke to the lady, who lives on the ground floor and she said she would get them all. What joy, dear blog, we had 9 little girls who came over to our place for Kanjak. AD washed their feet, while I tied the holy thread on their hands, they didn't want to put the tikka on their forehead so we smiled and said that was fine. All of them chatted in English, said they wanted only one poori, and were in general very charming and smart. They were actually going for a birthday party celebration of this one little girl who lives on the ground floor, but before they went, they came to our place. It was so amazing to hear them talk, fluent in English, stylishly dressed, wow, I looked at them in awe. One of them said, she does not want to eat oily food, can you beat that dear blog. I don't think I even knew what oily food meant when I was their age. But it was absolutely great, thank you little girls, for coming over, you made all our cook and hardwork worth it :-)

P.S - They called us, Uncle and Aunty, well life has really come a full circle :) :(

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Women from this part of the world

You know dear blog, we are in an era where our nation is doing so many things. You know like the "Made in India" brand, the spectacular Mangalyaan mission and then that streak which we sometime show in sports. All this makes, me feel so damn proud, may be because I know that nothing comes easy in our country. But what makes me super smug, is the fact that women have come a long long way in our country. I saw this picture below flashing on my laptop screen and all I did was clap in joy. Women scientists draped in sarrees, eyes gleaming with shine, faces radiant with jubilation, what a sight dear blog, what a truly spectacular sight. Amazing is the only word that can describe this.

While a section of society widely acknowledges the contribution of women, it is only a small percentage of our population that actually respects women. If only we could respect women a little more in daily lives, if only we could deal maturely with an actress wearing clothes the way she pleases, only if we could stop portraying them as anti-national if they choose to marry someone from the neighbouring country, only if we could give them the life they deserve. A life of freedom, dignity and equality.

 By the way dear blog,  I watched the movie on the boxing star - MC Mary Kom, while the movie may be slightly over the top and melodramatic, I think it was a story of unbeatable grit and determination.  The sheer hardwork that a young girl puts in to follow her passion can sure inspire millions of little girls. We need more such stories, we need more such sportstars. You remember, Kalpana Chawla, the Indian origin astronaut, whose life was cut short, we need more such lives, lives of inspiration, lives of real women. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happiness oh happiness! Part 2

You remember dear blog, I had once written that how amazing it would be to have a lot of happy people around. How fantastic would it be, to just feel happy, each day and every day of this life. I don't know when I had written that post, but I certainly know now, that happiness attracts happiness. It comes in various forms, shapes and meanings and all it expects in return is to be acknowledged and wanted for.
It is no great philosophy, that happy is one who is content, happy is one who is grateful and happy is one who opens up while happiness stands at the door and knocks. 

AD and I had gone for a small vacation to Goa, while we were busy doing nothing but being with each other. My attention was drawn towards a few couples, who were caught in their own silent web. They looked perfectly fine, in good health and financially secure but they weren't happy, for some reason. I wondered, why that would be. Why happiness eluded them, why they were too in Goa holidaying like other happy people. There was something amiss, they were certainly on a vacation, their little girls, circled around them and wanted to take a dip in the pool, but the lady and the gentleman were in no mood. Their behavior towards each other, was far from normal.

I know some other people too, who are perfectly fine but a large part of their day goes in cursing and being unhappy about their workplace. They feel that they are badly treated, not given their due and are overworked. I get slightly worried for their mental health and being. You know, if there is so much of negativity about a place where you spend 10 hours a day, it is certainly affecting you somewhere.

I don't have a solution dear blog, neither do I intend to preach about what should possibly be done but I know for a fact, that it is a choice to be happy. It is a state of mind, which tells you that you are doing great. You have a healthy body, an agile mind, a steady source of income and someone who cares for you. And that in my view is more than enough. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Show some love

It's that day again, dear blog when a lot of us listen to all those awesome patriotic songs, watch the flag getting unfurled, put a lot of #jaihind statuses, pin up small tricolour batches on the shirts and feel a lot of pride of having born in India. But little do we remember the next day, or that very day, that this isn't love. This is more like wishing a friend on Facebook for his/her birthday, you know the wish, that lacks personal touch or emotion. It's more like convenience than anything else.

 A nation in which you are born has an indelible mark on your life, like may be your parents. With parents, you have your set of differences and skirmishes, there are traits that you dislike but then they are what they are and mean the whole world to you. Unfortunately, a large part of people (including me) that I know or read about do not even remotely care about the nation, that they are born in. It is this thing that we take granted for, a thing that will continue to bear us for even when we are at our ugliest. If only, there was some tiny tweeny bit of fear, of being thrown out of a country, of knowing that I won,t belong here. how would we be. Different? My guess is as good as yours.

I can't even possibly list down the things by which we show our apathy but believe you me, we behave like filth. Like we haven't ever been to school, we haven't ever been taught the good things, the basic things. You should see the street that I cross every day to reach my office, which by the way is less than a kilometre away from Bandra Kurla Complex. When I go in the morning, there are at least 15-20 kids lined up on the sidewalk, relieving themselves, and while I come back in the evening, there are at least the same number of pigs and dogs,trying themselves to feed from that garbage dump. Everyday, I think and sometimes even dream that one day while I am crossing that road, there will be public toilets but then I wake up and find, not as yet. This is still at an institutional level, in some way but there are so many other things that is at our level. Following the traffic light, not abusing each other in the road, keeping our streets, our blocks clean and in general be gentle and nice to other people. How difficult can that be, I think and I think hard, it must be really difficult for if a nation with so much of talent, can't do it, then may be no one can. But alas, that isn't true. It's just that we don't love our nation and the day we will show a little bit of love, a lot will change and change for the better.

Anyway, I hate to end my posts with a low, so I won't, click at the video link below and smile, for change is coming, slowly but steadily.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy chef!

Oh dear blog, you know how hobbies for kids keep changing over a period of time. I thought that happens because a kid doesn't know what pleases him more, this or that. Playing with the mud or making odd shapes on the whitewashed walls, but then I am not even a kid.  You should look at me, always finding new avenues to do stuff, to make stuff. Almost for a year before wedding, I thought I was in the wrong profession, I was so convinced that I should have been a wedding planner. I was so certain that I was cut out for that. I still in my leisure time, read the wedding blogs and advice the brides-to-be but that's where it stops.

Now, 9 months into wedlock, I am a changed person. And I am sure, all over again that I am in the wrong profession. You should look at me when I am in the kitchen. I am like this person who has been cooking forever, trying new recipes, making elaborate weekend menus, training my cook, I have got my hands full with cooking stuff. I can't tell you dear blog, how much I have fallen in love with cooking. AD is a food lover and the satisfaction that I get after having cooked something special for him is explainable. The joy that I experience when he has more food than what he usually has, gets me straight on the cloud nine. He got me an iPad on my Birthday thinking that I love writing and would blog all the time, little did he know that I will end up only reading and re-reading recipes on this iPad.

By the way, I am right now watching Masterchef Australia and reacting as if my life depended on this. I mean seriously, I am a vegetarian, but I so admire all these people on Masterchef who are making dishes with Octopus and lambs and God knows what. AD dreams everyday that one day I will make butter chicken for him or at least say that I-am-craving for it, get me some. I think these dreams will remain dreams but cooking shall continue forever, for him and for the people I love.

P.S. - I have an apron now, which says "beautiful cook on duty", no points for guessing who got that for me :D

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Super women!

I have always felt dear blog, that we are a very restricted society,  a society that has clear boundaries about should and should not. Children are taught at an early age, about what they should do, how they should talk, what they should be when they grow up, what they should give importance to and so on. It is little that is left to the child for the decide or hope for. People like me who conform to most of what they have been told, have it easy and the rest, only God save them.

Over a period of two decades or so, the boundaries have become slightly more flexible, rules a little less stringent and are we grateful about it. You bet.

I have been closely following the Commonwealth games tally this year and I feel ecstatic. We have women wrestlers getting the gold glory for us. Isn't that amazing, I mean in a country like ours, to grow up as a woman and then take up wrestling. Wow! While this itself is a big big feat, the a lot of these awesome girls come from the state of Haryana, a state with an abysmally poor sex ratio.

You know dear blog, when I went to St Stephen's to study, I knew that there is a certain percentage of seats reserved for students with a sports background, how I used to feel, that they have it easy. Little did I realise, that they have it more difficult than any of the other kids who got to study at the prestigious institute by scoring high marks. For they did, that was only little appreciated by the society at large.

While I feel that we have come a long way and there is hope for women and sports, it is disappointing to see how little we speak about them. How the victory and glory they bring soon gets relegated into the background. I wish we would talk more, give them more encouragement, make them brand ambassadors, put up their hoardings for they truly make us proud. Wrestlers, boxers, squash players, shooters, all of whom keep the Indian flag waving high.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heroes of the war!

When I used to be based in Delhi office dear blog, I had this person cross me many times. Short, straight faced with a loud voice. I sometimes said a casual hello to him and at other times didn't. For no reason, at all. I don't know what I thought about him because may be I didn't.

I met him again today, here in Khandala where we were going through this case study about Kargil War. It was about this one particular day when Captain Rakesh was asked if he was up for moving towards Kargil. The impeccable Captain that he was, he answered in affirmative. The case then described in vivid detail the preparation, Captain Rakesh's actions, demeanor and the troop which he was leading; towards a terrain that was not just difficult but most hostile.

This person who worked on the same floor as I did, went on to explain further about the Kargil war, about the realities which only the soldiers and their commanders go through. The more he said, the more I felt indebted to the countless soldiers who laid down their lives for the nation. The person went on to create imagery about the warfare, the strategy, the tactical nuances and the million emotions that he went through during the war. It was an unconventional war, a war for pride, a war for reclaiming what was rightfully ours.

My eyes welled with tears and my body got shivers while watching the 10 minute clip which he presented. What would it be like, to be there, for hours and days together; in midst of firing, enemies and death. My imagination fails me and so do my words. The person said there are no runner ups in a war, you win it all or you lose it all. It was clear by now that the person in front, the same person who I saw working on my floor is the Captain Rakesh Sharma, one of the heroes of the Kargil War.

Captain Rakesh Sharma fought all odds to restore the honor of the nation. He came back victorious and the nation celebrated. He was awarded with Shaurya Chakra and rightly so for his valor was outstanding. We applauded emphatically and he said humbly, "my biggest pride was that none of my soldiers ever died, I promised myself that and I lived upto it".

What strength of character dear blog, what an amazing feat to achieve. I felt so small for having passed by him so many times without acknowledging who and what he is. I chided myself but couldn't keep myself from reaching to him. I congratulated him for having done something so admirable and spectacular. He blushed and said.. It isn't spectacular, just normal. 
What humility, what a sense of purpose!
Take a bow, Major Rakesh Sharma, you make a billion people proud.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ego behind the wheels!

I hate driving dear blog and I hate it since the time, I started driving. It isn’t a particular incident that I wish to narrate neither is it some kind of fear or phobia. Its just been on my mind for a few months now and I never came down to writing about it, because I thought it is kind of trivial. But well well, when have I last written about things of great importance so I might as well write this one too! You know what I particularly dislike about driving, strange as it may sound but it is the ego. I just hate the blatant display of huge bloated egos on the road. I have experienced so many times, with others and myself. How shamelessly people conduct themselves on the road. They honk, they abuse, they threaten for absolutely nothing. I don’t remember the last time, the same people who honked like no one’s business  to have shouted in a mall or abused in a fine dining restaurant. It is something about roads in our country, that people feel it’s okay. I have never been genuinely smiled at by a fellow driver on the road let alone sighting a waving hand! It was in New Zealand that I saw people on the road, calm, composed, happy and waving all the time. I almost disbelieved their gesture but then that is pretty much true. All our great tirade about culture, language and respect goes swooshing out of the window when you are here, behind the wheels.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New new newwwww!!

I have been giving an ear-to-ear smile dear blog since yesterday and you would laugh if I tell you the reason. But I am so excited and kicked that I just can't digest and thus here I am writing to you about good things that life brings. So first things first, I got a new role at work, yippie! I have no idea what I am supposed to do, where to begin from, how am I going to meet deadlines but believe you me, I am ecstatic. It's like the way I used to feel, when I would get new books for the next standard, I wouldn't understand anything but the freshness of new books, the feel of crisp pages, the fact that I may be capable of something slightly bigger used to give me such a high!

I have been in a similar role at work for the last four years and the newness is just as awesome as it can get. While this is the happy news at work, there are things at home too, to be happy about. Like boy got me a diary, yes a diary and a swanky pen with which I write. It feels wonderful to be able to use the pen and write random stuff about life and the like in that diary. I mention completely frivolous details about the day but but but it works wonder with the brain. I hope to open it some day and read it loud and giggle. I even wrote on the front page of the diary: Ashish and Neha, private and confidential. And at the cost of sounding extremely silly, I even made small hearts on that page. 

I love all new things: new role, new house, new relationship status and yes new speakers. Did I mention that we are going to buy new speakers tomorrow. On a tangential note, we went to Matheran last weekend. What fun, we did a trek, sat through a magic show, went for a swim, played table tennis. Fantabulous is the word. And we stayed in this really Victorian styled resort. No luxury, no modernities just the basics. That place reeked of such old world charm. We were mesmerised completely and I, as usual was in awe of old couples who too were on a romantic weekend :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chooda, my pretty pretty chooda

It was exactly five months back, that I got up, dressed myself in a nice but not brand new salwaar-kameez. Mom had to convince me for quite a many days before I decided that I will not buy a new outfit for that day. It is believed that a girl should wear old clothes and then give it away but I told mom, that isn't happening. We mutually decided on something which looked traditional. I also wore matching danglers, I tied my hair in a simple braid. When my grandmom, uncles and aunts, Jhai Ji, Chachu, Chachi, Mamu, Mami saw me, they said I looked beautiful and a true blue Punjabi. I liked that. Before, I could talk more, mom called me and said, the ceremony is going to start. I shouldn't delay else we will all get late. I went and sat, slightly nervous, slightly happy for something very real, very special was going to happen. The pandit Ji, said some prayers, did a few things and then I closed my eyes. I was going to wear Chooda, the only mark of a newly-wed, as I understood when I was four. Both my Mamu-Mami, took one arm each and slowly and carefully slided down the maroon and cream bangles. I wanted to cry and I did. A very beautiful Punjabi folk song was sung in the background - sada chidiyaan daa. It was an emotional moment and I lived it, moment by moment. When I opened my eyes, a few minutes later, I saw my arms, covered with handkerchiefs so that I don't see Chooda. I lived through the day, without trying to look at my arms. In the evening, while I was getting dressed as a bride, all I wanted to do was see how my chooda looked. It was pretty dear blog, very very pretty. I touched it many times, moved it whatever space was left in my arms.

I have such sweet memories of my chooda that I can't help but smile; from random people asking in office lift for sweets to old ladies in NewZealand asking where they could buy those pretty bangles. I used to be perpetually in awe of my chooda. Amazing, isn't it, how things become so real, that they become a part of one's identity. Today, 5 months hence I have carefully taken out half the bangles and kept the other half in my arms. Oh! I miss them already. Happy pictures from November, 13 and November 14 2013 :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mumbai - that I hadn't seen

You know dear blog, irrespective of what people feel about Mumbai, I like Mumbai, I really like Mumbai but unlike my first stint, my second stint here isn't very pleasant. I feel confused and often bewildered by the ways of the people here. The same people who I thought were no-nonsense and would be the least kind of trouble makers.

I live very close to office and thus cannot find an auto, I have never cribbed about that because I have always believed that if Mumbai throws problems on you, then it also showers you with twice the number of solutions. So I figured out soon, that unlike Delhi I could just tag along with anyone taking an auto and be safely dropped close to home or I can walk down like many others or I could take a shared auto to Bandra station which will pass by my house. I found the third one most hassle free  and thus regularly started doing it. One fine day at about 7 30ish I did the same, I took the auto almost oblivious of who was sitting next to me. I felt suddenly someone trying to come close enough for discomfiture. I turned sideways and gave a ferocious look, he retracted. I got down and rushed home. He was a man of about 40 years, a regular office goer, a nondescript native who had dared to do something outrageous. That left an ugly taste and I became much more conscious of my surroundings, of public transport in this beloved city. Other day, it was a Saturday, AD and I came back from Phoenix Mills at about 11. We found a small place to park our car, when suddenly, a man of about 50 along with 3 other people started misbehaving with us. He did so because he claimed that it was his parking and NO ONE could ever take that. My blood boiled for he looked at our Car number and said, look the arrogance of Delhiites. I was aghast dear blog, I wanted to slap him tight; the stinking, crude man who belittled us for no fault of ours. It pained me how he stereotyped us and threatened us. He said in as many words, "Gunda raj hai mera", he meant, get away or you are in trouble. We got away. This is about a three month old incident. Just when we thought we are settled, quietly in our little house, we got a jerk yet again. AD was in Goa for work last week and I had a crazy schedule in office so practically, there was no one at our house. When we got back, we noticed something peculiar with our car. The edge of the window panes were all tampered with, AD took the car to a mechanic only to find a 12 inch steel scale being extracted out of the window pane. The mechanic told AD, someone tried real hard to steal your car but couldn't.

Isn't it sad dear blog, that a newly wed working couple has to deal with such nonsense everyday. We
pay our tax, our house rent, the auto fare, everything that we are supposed to and then grapple with such basics. Look at the irony of it all, I switch on my TV and I watch ads after ads of how each of these political parties is
going to make our lives better and then dejected I think, really!?!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's a lazy Sunday dear blog, boy has left for office half an hour back and I am listening to AR Rahman's track from Highway, in the middle, thought of you. What do I tell you today, vacation to New Zealand, being a happy chef or Mumbai. I think I will pick up the first, for obvious reasons, one it was my happy honeymoon and two because it was truly amazing. We began thinking of our vacation even before we were formally engaged, I think partly because we had fallen head over heels for each other and partly because it is supposed to be cool to plan a vacation together :D Like a lot of other things, we had different ideas in mind. Boy wanted mountains, quaint towns, peace and just the two of us, I on the contrary thought of sea beaches, pretty cities, romantic dinners! I suggested to him that let's figure out what our married friends were upto and take their recommendations.

In the course of four months, we had in our dreams traveled the entire globe, we had been to Bali, Maldives, Australia, Europe, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Mauritius. We were practically scratching our heads on where to head to. The only thing both of us were convinced about was that we wanted to take it easy and relax while holidaying. I don't remember how and why we zeroed New Zealand but one fine day, we knew that New Zealand is where we were headed. Far far away from our country, we decided to go. While we started talking and googling more about NZ, we figured out that it fits in our scheme of things, it gives AD mountains and quaint towns and it gives me sea and cities, more importantly it gives us all the space that we needed after the wedding. Many people had told us, that NZ is as beautiful as it can get but I was completely in awe when I saw what all NZ had to offer. The country is such a picturesque place that I would always be confounded to what to click and what not to. There were times, when AD would stop the car and we would just gaze at the mountains, oceans, sun together. It was too much for a person like me, who has always been comfortable in concrete structures. When I would breathe, it would feel light, the nostrils could almost smell the airy air and
the muscles would open up to the breeze.

New Zealand just didn't boast of outstanding views but of extremely warm and friendly people too. People who would greet everywhere: in the shopping arcades, in restaurants, while clicking pictures, while sun bathing. They would pass such nice gestures to complete strangers. It was heart touching and very comforting, after all, we were just two brown people, married for a week, in a far far away land. They would compliment my Chooda, red bangles as they would call it and give me a thumbs up for having jumped out of the helicopter!

It was an amazing amazing vacation dear blog but you know what, there is no place like home. So go on, explore the world but come back home soon, very soon :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I do

It's been such a long break from writing to you dear blog. I have been away not just from you, but from everything else that used to be. Honestly, I don't regret it, you know how it is, how one event, one relationship, one person takes precedence over everything else. I am not sure where to start from, what's to write about first - wedding, being married, away from home, life with AD, Mumbai or the new ex-CM of Delhi (just kidding :))

I think I am not over my wedding as yet, I don't think I will ever be, so why not pen it down here, somewhere in the online space, where my grandchildren will someday be able to read and laugh at their toothless old granny. I don't know if it is now that I have started going in the fast forward mode or was I always like that. Anyway, coming to where I started - my wedding. If you ask me to describe it in one word then it would be BEAUTIFUL, you know just the kinds I had always dreamed of. It was picture perfect, the chill in the air, the flowers, the candle lit stage, the instrumental music, the food layout.. I loved each bit to pieces. AD was late and I kept waiting for him not like a coy bride but like a happy, chatty bride. I wasn't nervous at all, which was hugely surprising because I was a nervous wreck a day before. Just when he entered, I got up to brace that one walk which is supposed to be like THE WALK of life. I walked along side my cousins and friends underneath a bed of roses. I felt like a superstar, with cameras flashing all over, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that the day, that moment had indeed arrived. Before, I went up the raised platform, AD  stretched his hand to take my shaky hand in his and then we stood smiling and blushing. We exchanged the garlands and laughed like this stupid couple in love.

The good part, I mean another good part of my wedding was that I didn't feel sleepy at my usual 11 30ish, I was wide awake and took all the vows with utmost sincerity and devotion. It was only after takings the 7 pheras, it dawned on me that I am going to go, leaving my mom dad alone. I cried and cried and cried some more. I hugged daddy cool and told him that I don't want to go, he cried with me, hugged me tight and then softly gave my hand in AD's. I don't think any word can describe that feeling, that sinking feeling of leaving your parents, your home and going with this one person. I took that leap, I did, with a heavy heart and tears eyes, entered a new relationship, a new family, a new life. I am thinking right now of what to write next because the new life with God's grace turned out to be fantastic not like what it used to be, but great in every sense! That in short dear blog was a glimpse of my very gorgeous and amazing journey called - I do!