Friday, November 8, 2013


I honestly don't know where the past 8 months have gone dear blog. Today, a night before all the functions start, all I want to do is write to you, be with mom dad and talk to AD. My outfits, shoes, jewelery, pictures, invitations.. all seem to be taking a backseat. It is like this surge of emotions that I have been holding but they come back and shake me harder. I think most girls go through what I am going right now. Nervousness, trepidation, anxiety.. of what is in store. I look at my room with fondness that I have never experienced before. I look at my dad, as if there can be no man as handsome as him. When I go through what I am going through right now, I ask myself why, why on earth am I so worried, when I am marrying someone whom I have known for more than an year, someone who loves me from the bottom of his heart and has promised a thousand times to keep me happy. If it is not about AD, then why these jitters. I don't have an answer, I really don't. All I know, is the pain of leaving your parents sometimes overpowers everything. The uncertainty of a new house of new relationships unsettles me immensely. Please dear God, give me the strength to be calm and embrace the very scared marital bond.


theONE said...

My dear wife.... all i can say is... It will be perfectly fine.

satya said...

you do not need any other assurance!

Satyadev said...

Awaiting your creative juices to flow again!