Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Those wedding things

Its been a month dear blog since I last wrote to you and I feel like I am already a new person. Wedding is just round the corner and am I stressed or what! Whoever said that marriage gives butterflies would have been a normal person, just that he/she articulated the feeling much earlier for a whole lot of us to relate to. I know AD like back of my hand, but still stepping into marriage looks like this super huge task. Actually, I feel it is more about the wedding day than the life before or after. There have been innumerable times during these last eight months when I have been super ecstatic and excited about all the things that I was doing. Matching accessories with outfits, shoes, heels, makeup, dresses, venue, menu, dance practice, it is one heck of an experience.

I have discovered whole new markets that cater just to the brides-to-be. How when you enter those markets, you are the special one, how anything and everything that you ask for will be arranged for (of course with a huge price!) but well, its your time, your event and everyone does everything possible to make it perfect. I went to few stores to get accessories and there are 3 for whom I want to make a special mention - Much-More, BGs and Soni Sapphire. These stores have created imitation jewelry for every possible outfit that a bride-to-be could ask for. What exquisite designs and fabulous colors, such an exhilarating experience. Same holds true for the shoes, I have lost the count of the number of shoes that I have bought. Red, Golden, Silver, Pink, Black, I have bought them all but the greedy me still want to buy a pair more!

Its very funny the way I deal with things these days, some of it I have picked up from my work and a lot of it is because I am quite finicky! Like, I met the decor guys the other day, boy was I a pain, I sure was. What fabric, to what flowers, to what lights, to what cushions.. I bombarded them with thousands of questions. And the poor guys after having convinced me after 2 hours that they will pull my wedding off were asked to send a detailed mail with each point that was discussed. I also harassed the chef guy, what gravy, to what ingredients, I wanted to know everything, I just fell short of asking him to send his recipe book. Please don't judge me dear blog, I am slightly a control freak and when it is my own wedding, I have lost whatever little sense I had. Less than 15 days to go and I have so many more things to figure out! Tata dear blog!