Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dance baby dance

Oh dear blog, how I have missed you intensely and dearly, how I wish I could write to you more often. How I could tell you about Udaipur and Manesar and all other fun things that I have done. How I miss, writing about people and places. About things here and there, of no major consequence to anyone whatsoever. How I could tell you that I still read and write but only and only about weddings. I know I sound a bore, but do I care, nope I don't!

My latest fascination dear blog is getting all my family and friends to dance. I am such a demanding bride to be, that I sometimes wonder how my loved ones are coping up with me, but well they are, and must I confess, they are doing it superbly well. Someone once commented that how in a wedding everyone dances and eats and enjoys and how the bride and groom sit in a corner looking constipated and tired. I was so aghast at this that I said, those must be stupid people. In a wedding, if someone is real happy then that has to be the bride, groom and their respective parents. So, I decided that day, that I am going to be a dancing bride. I will dance till people come and tell me that I need to pose for pictures too and sit pretty even if that's just for name sake. In my madness of shopping, researching, planning and some more shopping, my lil sis didn't let this take a back seat and I am just so happy about it. She takes out time everyday to speak to the choreographer, list down songs, coordinates with everyone. I am a dance enthusiast and so its ok for me, but can you imagine I have convinced mommy, daddy cool and AD. I mean its no mean feat. All three are quite boring, non dancing people but then they love me and well what all can love do to a person!

The other day, when I came from work, tired and dead. I rang the doorbell and saw a tall handsome man shaking a leg on a Dev Anand's classic. Joy filled my heart and I was overcome by emotion. I clapped and laughed and encouraged till my parents got their steps right. It was with such intensity and cuteness that my daddy cool was trying that all I wanted to do was sit and watch him dance for the rest of my life. If daddy cool is doing his best, AD is not far behind either, he very enthusiastically looks up for songs, gives his inputs and is actually wiling to spend an entire day dancing with me. I am blessed dear blog as always with so much of love around :)

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