Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bridal beauty :)

Dear blog, you do know how structured I am as a person, you give me any task and I will do lots of planning and research before I am convinced. For more than a month, I read reviews, checked websites, scrutinized blogs, flipped though pictures and then swoosh I went, place to place, scheduling and meeting my potential make up artists! My mom told me about the ones she heard of namely - Vidya Tikari and Ambika Pillai. I wondered, how come all the beautiful brides out there get catered to by just 2 women. So, I decided to make my own list of makeup artists and meet them and understand if she is the one. I must tell you, how amazed I was with the experience and professionalism that each of the makeup artist I met displayed. But, even after that, I wasn't convinced about whom I wanted to lend myself to. Yes, it is almost like lending yourself, because you are just a canvas for the makeup artist to paint you the way he/she likes. It is quite a decision, I feel, as crucial as any other thing but guess what I think I am sorted. I have met someone whom I really liked. Her style, her reviews, her makeup, everything suited me perfectly and so I booked her.

For once, I thought that I won't mention and recommend because makeup artist because it is really a personal choice but then I can't keep secrets so here I go with my suggestions.

  • Simran Kalra - MY makeup artist
  • Chandni Singh - Most amazing and fantabulous makeup artist for brides-to-be
  • Anu Kaushik - Super expensive and super out of the world
  • Karishma Bajaj - Magic is what she does to her brides
  • Shalini Singh - Chic, stylish and uber cool
  • Looks, Lakme, Ambika Pillai, Vidya Tikari - Always reliable
That's all from my side dear blog. Good night and for the brides-to-be, sweet dreams :)

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hiren shah said...

Nice post although but what all they do Bridal makeup services do the cosmetics and hairstyle that supplement your dress, jewelry, your character and concept of the wedding.