Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My precious - my lehenga! :)

If there is just one thing that a girl will fret most about, one thing that she thinks is the most important, one thing that makes a world of difference in her wedding then it has to be the lehenga! This holds true for most girls considering all of them want to look gorgeous and different and and all of that which her boy can ever imagine.

From the time, I found my boy, I have concentrated more on getting the right lehenga than on him, but then isn't that obvious.. first the right boy and then the right dress ;) Since I have got my wedding dress now, I feel elated and I thought I must pen down my feelings and store this special day somewhere in my dear dear blog. 

My primary search for lehenga started close to about 2 months back, before that I was into an online survey of what my taste is. Finally, today after having been to at least 5 markets and 15 stores I have picked up something that I really love. It is not an easy decision and you have to believe me on that. While I was finalizing my lehenga, a thousand thoughts swept through my mind -  "will the red colour make me glow", "will AD be mesmerized" "will this be elegant and not over the top" "will this look light and too delicate" "will it make me look slimmer".. It is like creating a background of your own memories and how can one be callous about it. The value attached to a wedding dress is inimitable and only a bride can relate to what I am writing. I have got dresses for all three functions and I am nothing less than super pleased with myself. Stress has given way to smiles, for my wardrobe is soon going to be the proud keeper of my most special dresses.