Monday, July 29, 2013

Delhi Bling

I have fallen sick dear blog and you know why, because I am sooooo stressed out. My parents, in laws and AD all are very worried for me but what do I tell them that the super smart Neha Dua cannot handle stress anymore. Had it been a small tiny winy thing, I would have managed but this weight, wedding and work stress is killing me. Anyway, I had to take an off today so that I could go to the doctor and take some medicines. It has been a dull and extremely painful day so I want to enliven my spirits and thus this post is on my most favorite subject in the world - shopping, wedding shopping!

I began my tryst with wedding shopping way back in February but that was the casual shopping, you know I was just passing by and I picked up something. Now, it is an extremely structured, methodical shopping experience and it is quite wonderful.

This may be slightly maniac behavior but fact of the matter remains that I don't want to miss going to any store that has been recommended to me. I don't want to miss checking out any market which has been written down anywhere on the internet/print media etc. So, last month, I made a mental list of markets I wanted to visit before I finalize my wedding lehenga. I earmarked each Sunday to hop from one market to another and I am indeed impressed with the Delhi bling! In this post, thus I will list down the must visits of the Delhi.

  • Frontier Bazaar, Karol Bagh - Fresh and pleasing stuff. They have a friendly staff and a good collection of all the bling that a bride may want in her wardrobe
  • Anarkali Store, Karol Bagh - This is an exclusive store, the store may not look as fancy as other big stores but you name the designer and they have it there. It is indeed an art to go to Anarkali and come out empty handed so beware when you go!
  • Roop Sarees, South Ex - The name may actually not be a true representation of what all the store has. It has an amazing and elegant collection of suits, dresses, sarrees and more.
  • Malhotra, Lajpat Nagar - This is one of the blingiest places I have been to. Right at the crossing of Main Lajpat Nagar market, they have some of the most unique designs but go there only if you have a thing for bling!
  • Bombay Selection, Noida - My roka dress was from Bombay Selection and thus I will have all the good things to say about these guys :)
Oh, by the way in this shopping update, I forgot to mention that last week I was in Jaipur and it was an amazing amazing weekend!

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