Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photographer done! Wohoooo!

My dear blog, you have reasons to be grumpy and all that, but believe you me blog I have so many things to plan that I don't get to write any more. Knowing me, you would know how much I fret over small things and now when my wedding is just about 4 months away, I am going hyper crazy! Anyway, today I am not going to crib but going to tell you a good news and the good news is that my photographer is done!! I would have searched over more than 20 - 25 photographers. From candid to the standard ones, from the amateur to the professional ones, I went hunting for weeks and now because I have invested a lot of time and energy in finalizing my photographer, I want to detail it out for other brides/grooms who may be still hunting.

First things first, you must figure out what is that you are looking out for. A photographer who will click you with your family, with your soon going to be better half in poses old and new or a photographer who would look at details which you and I may easily miss say for example the preciseness of your nosepin or the curls in your hair while you have butterflies in stomach. If you ask me what is in vogue then it is the candid photographers who will capture a whole lot of real moments. But again, its a very personal choice, I still know a lot of people who don't want to miss out on the colors of a traditional photographer.

I will in this post try and list down the hugely popular and extremely talented photographers whom I have personally spoken to after having gone through many many websites:

  • Ramit Batra - He is amazing with couple shoots and his forte lies in clicking the girl and the boy in their romantic private moments. He comes of course with an expensive price tag but then if you are ready to preserve your memories in a diamond clad album, he is a must check out.
  • Tarun Chawla - Tarun is a known brand in the Delhi shaadi circuit. He makes each of his brides look lovely and real. He is again a tad bit on the higher side of the price range but people who have hired him recommend him highly.
  • Vikram Arora - I have seen Vikram on a friends wedding, he goes that extra mile for his clients and is a thorough professional. Some of the pre wedding shoots are fantastic. He is slightly reasonable when compared with the above two photographers but is quite talented
  • Phototantra - Phototantra is the one of the most coveted photographers. They are available for shoots pan India and are featured many a times on the wedding blogs and sites. So, if you are looking for a brand to talk about along with pretty pictures, Phototantra is the place.
  • Dreamweavers - Yayyy! Okay, so before you wonder why am I so excited about the Dreamweavers guys, it is because these guys are going to cover my wedding. I may be slightly biased towards then but their pictures totally got me hooked. Their pictures are bright and beautiful. They create magic and customize as per clients expectations! 
  • Sharik Verma - I haven't really had the opportunity to get connected with Sharik but I have gone through the albums and pictures he has clicked. He brings out all the masti which goes about in an Indian wedding, if you are a fun person and want to keep happy memories, he is sure recommended
  • Shivani Garg - I spoke to Shivani even before, my wedding date got finalized. She hasn't done many weddings till now but whatever she has done speaks volumes about her. Her pictures can just talk and make a person smile and go awwww! Shivani doesn't charge a bomb and is very sweet.
  • Aditi Photosynthesis - I think the list has already expanded and gone beyond what I had thought but I cannot close the blog without mentioning Aditi. Aditi's pictures are amazing and you must have a look before you decide on who is going to cover your big day!
Well, that's all for today but going forward I will post more experiences under the wedding diaries section. Tata! Keep smiling :)


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By the time you are done, you could change profession to wedding planner!