Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 years since school!

I had this realization last week dear blog that I am kind of old. I passed out of school in 2003 which is like really a decade. I was a kid back then, I didn't think of myself as a kid then but thinking of it now, I really was a kid, much more of a kid than what today's youngsters are.Its slightly amusing how kids overgrow people their age at some or the other point of time. Like my mum used to often say about me, that I am quite a grown up as compared to what she was when she was 18. And these days when my cousins - twin boys were home, they seemed quite ahead of me at just about 15. It is amusing when I overhear them, they talk openly about stuff which I would have spoken about in hush voice after having passed out of post graduation!

Anyway, coming back to where I started - 10 years after school! Like really, I pinched myself twice after having realized that's true. It was a different era, I was a happy and bright girl in the cocoon that I had grown up in. I still am happy but don't know the bright part of life, since have met way too many people who are way too much bright as compared to me. I still remember distinctly talking about career choices that point in time, I was quite confused by any measure given that I chose different vocations at different hours of the day but I sure was committed to getting a good education. I did manage to get that (or so I believe) but well school was school. A lot of things which have stayed with me are the things which I learnt at school. A lot of friends that still care for me are the ones I made at school. A whole lot of fond memories are sure from my school days,

It is often that I see, people talking about such charmingly sweet things, like the other day a colleague of mine spoke about a choir she was part of and how proud she felt about it, I talked at length about the innumerable times I used to monitor the class and felt smug and then the classic - AD told me about how the first ever woman he had a crush on was his English teacher! It is indeed not a coincidence that school days will always warm up hearts and bring smiles on faces, even after many many decades!

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