Friday, March 29, 2013

The Walled City

Did I tell you dear blog, with getting engaged there are a lot of exciting things that happen to you. And of all those exciting things, the best is that you get to shop as much as you want. No one, gives you the you-better-stop-this-shopping-business looks, in fact on the contrary, you are encouraged to buy more and more! Today in this endeavor I, mommy and aunty (mom's friend) went to Chandni Chowk - the walled city. I had heard so much about its cloth market that I had to go. We reached and were almost taken aback by the swarm of people shoving, pushing each other to take us to their shop. I don't know, how they knew that we were out there to look for sarees and suits. We managed to get our way through and went to this one shop recommended by mom's friend. We bought some stuff and hurriedly rushed towards the famed "Paranthe wali gali" It wasn't difficult to reach there but what was really difficult was to get a table oops chair to yourself where one could sit and eat. Once there, you don't have a choice, the guy coordinating for the people in queue told us to take the last corner bench and with us, he sent a family of three to occupy the bench in front of us and as you can imagine, the 6 of us were to share the table. It was slightly weird to share a table with an unknown family, to overhear food time conversations of a family while genuinely trying not to intrude. All six of us, occasionally smiled at each other while trying to figure out what to order from at least 20 varieties of paranthas. We ordered for an eclectic mix of paranthas and they ordered theirs, traditional, tried and tested. Paranthas were delightful and we almost forgot the setting we were in. We paid to the same guy who had arranged for the bench for us and then tracked our way back to the metro station. Enroute, I saw a Kulfiwala and decided to have that too. The kulfi was lip smacking and happily we came back. It was once I reached near Mayur Vihar that I realized I was in Walled City for I could only recollect the huge walls which surrounded us from every corner. Oh the old charm of my city! :)

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