Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Times!

Dear blog, its been quite some time since I last wrote to you. A lot of stuff in my life has changed, I want to tell you all of it but that would be long and you may not appreciate everything. So I will try and squeeze the major things in this post.

First things first, I got engaged! Yayy! And the very lucky guy who got engaged to me is AD. I have known AD now for almost 8 months and he is as good as someone can get. Humble, caring, loving, possessive, responsible, funny, passionate, charming..  the list goes on and as you can rightly guess, I am absolutely smitten by him. Our story is a story quite filmy and how can I not elaborate on it.

Like all parents, my mommy and daddy cool were relentlessly trying to find a good boy for me. And in this pursuit of theirs, I met AD, it was this Sunday in August, we met at CCD and then he came to my place. He came across as a decent, nice guy but then you know marriage is marriage and I just could not think of saying yes to him in first go. He took me for dinner the next day (with due permission from our respective parents) and said YES! I was in such a soup, how could I agree to marry a guy whom I have met for a sum total of 3 hours if not lesser. So I applied my golden rule, when in doubt say NO! I did, but coyly, also put a remark that I want to know him better. That was the beginning and from the total of 3 hours to a total of 300 hours was touched in no time. Long endless phone calls, full day dates (occasionally, since he is Bangalore), sharing everything, knowing each other in and out. We became best friends of sorts. He was in love with me and I knew it very well. I just didn't know that I was in love too. It took me 5 months to realize that I am in love too. The realization dawned and then there was no looking back. We told our parents who were still on look out for us. They heaved a sigh of relief, smiled, hugged and blessed us. 

Its been a roller coaster since then, all our time goes in either chit chatting or planning when we will meet next. He has let go off his running, football and I have let go off my writing and reading but I guess its ok. And its ok because we are happy where we are, we are happy with each other and we are content in the way our days pass by. It is a beautiful feeling dear blog to be in love, to be loved, truly and unconditionally.


satya said...

Colours of your life are in full bloom.Happy Holi and blessings to both of you.

satya said...

Neha,newly married cooks first meal for AD and says pehle aap khayie,I will eat after you. AD is impressed and no,we eat together. Neha says,no,no, if nothing happens to you, I will eat it too. Happy Holi!