Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home alone :|

I have been missing you dear blog and you know that right. Yes, I am slightly selfish and so without giving you any updates, without wishing you new year and without telling you where I have been, I will start to write about how I am feeling right now. But, trust me, we will do the pleasantries later, for now, I am feeling lonely and I need you to just hear me out. Will you?

Mom dad have gone to Mumbai this Saturday as my grand mom isn't well. They asked me many times over, if I will be able to manage, I chuckled and said "of course, I am a BIG girl" which technically is correct. But one day later, I almost sobbed with anxiety. Can you beat that? Believe you me, dear blog, age has absolutely nothing to do with being able to manage alone at home, trust me, nothing. I am as vulnerable and cranky, as I was when I was 5.

I don't watch TV but just to be on a safer side, I came back from work and switched on the TV, I struggled for at least 10 minutes before I could see anything whatsoever. My TATA Sky TV behaved like those yesteryear's Doordarshan which used to take a break after every 5 minutes of entertainment. Then, I rushed to turn on all the lights but any points for guessing that the first tubelight I laid my hands on, just kept flickering and I gasped with fear. Thank God, for AD was on call all this while, trying to soothe my nerves and make me smile. He insisted that I drink a glass of water and first have my dinner. I did, as he said but had no appetite or inclination. (Oh! did I mention AD by chance :))

Today, three days later, I am as worse as I can get. I can't sleep, neither can I wake up. I don't want to eat food neither do I want to watch TV. I only know, that I hate being home alone. 

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