Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I haven't kept in touch dear blog and for obvious reasons. I hate it when there is so much negativity around. A girl was gang raped, almost killed and thrown out of a moving bus; the furore around is only a testimony that even the most apathetic are moved. Such sad are the state of affairs that I can't even get myself to express my views on the subject.

To call this a rape case will be undermining the the nature of the ghastly act that it was. Words fail me and all I can say that the fiber with which a man was defined has been eroded. The gruesome, horrific and barbaric act demands nothing but punishment which befits the act. The punishment now has to act as a deterrent which thus far has never happened. The kids which grow up today need to respect and value a woman and not treat her as an object of desire.

My prayers go out for the battling soul and for the family which faces deep anguish. My heart shudders to think of all the times, when I traveled alone or with a friend thinking that I am safe, that I am appropriately dressed, that there is Police and other citizens at guard, that I can scream and ask for help just in case..

You know dear blog, whilst a lot of us read, write, protest, boil with anger, no one, absolutely NO ONE can empathize. It is all but natural to read about someone else who has been through a tragedy and feel the agony. A rape or a murder or whatsoever else, our mind is conditioned in a way to think that it is a newspaper story or at the max, it can happen only with some one else and not with me or any one related to me. But it does, every single day, it happens with some one, some one whom I may know through a common friend or an old school or would have crossed in a mall.

I can see palpable tension around in the eyes of the people who care for me. My worried parents couldn't take their mind off me when my flight to Mumbai got delayed for a couple of hours, my friends who asked me to swear that never again, I am going to ask a passerby to behave in public, my colleagues at work who try and ensure that I reach home safely every day. What has life come to, it is dictated by diktats and I can't even raise a voice for I happen to be born a girl and all said & done, I want to lead a scar free, long healthy life.