Monday, November 26, 2012

The fight, the return!

While flipping through the channels today, I came across this program "Zindagi abhi baaki hai" which was centered around Yuvraj Singh and his fight through cancer. It was about his treatment, his tough times, his weak moments and his indomitable spirit. It talks about what a patient goes through, the agony and the pain of knowing whether one will survive or not. The program also featured his mother who was with him all throughout during his treatment in US.

Before Yuvraj became an icon of inspiration, there was Lance Armstrong who won over his fight with cancer and became an athlete of great fame. He has fallen from grace for reasons known to all, but the fact remains, that he too won over and is/was a living legend for people all over the world. Yes, it is quite debatable whether he was anything ever to go by, but the credit of holding on and hanging on to life when it starts crumbling will always remain commendable.

The very gorgeous Lisa Ray and the pop queen Kylie Minogue, both also suffered from cancer. They too fought and got back with greater verve. And, I am sure, that there are many others who did the same and have been written about for years now but you know dear blog it is one thing to read about a celebrity and quite another to watch a dear one go through the struggle.

I lost my paternal grandfather when I was very young, he was suffering from cancer and I had no idea. All I remember is he giving me money to buy chocolates and bangles. Now, when I understand what it is all about, I see my maternal grandmother going through this. She has become frail and is reduced to a tiny frame. She used to be such a stunning woman till even a few months back that I shudder to think, what has happened. She was energetic and always in praise of her lord. It is painful and extremely difficult to believe that sometimes she needs assistance even to tend to her most basic needs. But, my badi mummy is no less than the people mentioned above, she is equally gritty or more for age is not on her side and neither her life partner but she braves it all and I know that this time round when I meet her, she will be healthier, happier. Inshaallah!

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