Friday, October 12, 2012

Between the time I last wrote to today, few things happened.

  1. Awesome vacation to Goa - I went with two of my girl friends and what a vacation it was. I always thought what was the big deal about Goa but there indeed is. It is such a beautiful - carefree place. People lie down on the beaches, on the pool side, in the shacks and unwind. It gave me a such a happy high feeling that for a few days after coming back I was mentally still there.
  2. I watched a couple of movies - Barfi and Oh my God to be precise. Loved both of them. Barfi is sweet and sensitive. Oh my God is real and practical. The Indian cinema is taking leaps one after the other and like many other things this also makes my heart swell with pride.
  3. October is here which means that the warm sunshine is back and the air smells sweet again. I like winters, I have always liked winters. Delhi winters bring along a charm which is matchless. The cuddling up in quilts, the warm water bath, the socks which adorn my feet. Ah, the changing seasons and assorted memories.


himanshu sharma said...

Do you have bath only in October? With water I mean :P

Neha Dua said...

Guru ji - you missed the "warm" :)