Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happiness oh happiness!

Anyone and everyone I speak to, tells me how they are not happy with their job or relationship or the way they look. They also, tell me how a little more money, a more understanding partner, a few inches loss, a new car will make them perfectly happy. I do the same dear blog, in all the conversations I have, I also harp about how this one more day off from work will make me happy. But suddenly, I have a basic doubt, happiness was never meant to be a function of job multiplied by partner divided by an old car, then how come this equation came into being? In fact, happiness as defined by Wikipedia is a mental or emotional state of well - being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

I have seen a lot of happy people, and they are not happy because they look like Catherine Zeta Jones or have a job to die or have that elusive dream partner but because they like being happy come whatever may. I have seen people go through lowest of lows and still be able to say, that its fine, and that they are good. You know this is what truly inspires me. It is extremely rare to find such people.Top of my mind recall, I can remember only two such people - one my dearest AS, whose only mantra in life is to be happy and to be laugh like there is no tomorrow. The other is my lovely roommate from MBA days who has contentment written all over her; she is always happy and at peace. But sadly, if I think about people who nag I have a long unending list. It is as if nagging has become fashionable. Anyone who doesn't nag becomes an alien in this world bereft of happiness.

It is a common read these days, that how the happiness index has gone down, how our forefathers were a whole lot happier race. This could be simply because our forefathers had fewer things and relationships to maintain, keep and protect. But what is the point of amassing wealth and friends, if none is bringing happiness to our countenance as was originally thought. This has to change dear blog and this will because you and I together, are going to tell a whole lot of people that being happy is in fashion and how nagging is just not the in thing anymore. Just imagine, seeing happy faces all around, what a brilliant sight it will be!

Happiness O happiness
Where are you
Embrace once again

For the world is waiting for you

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ordinary people, extraordinary lives

I was coming home by the metro today, and as much as I wanted it to run faster, it moved at its own pace, one station after the other. I kept counting the stations between Chhatarpur and Rajiv Chowk. After some good forty minutes when I finally thought just one more to go, someone caught my eye.

There was a lady on the wheelchair, who was being helped to get inside the metro. She had some speech and hearing difficulty too. She fidgeted with her phone but it wouldn't work. I kept looking at her but she didn't look back. In the mad rush which boards at Rajiv Chowk, I felt worried but she didn't care. I somehow reached her and asked, where she wanted to get down. She said "Rajiv Chowk". Three of us (me and two other girls), helped to move the wheelchair out when a guard came rushing. He looked at my harried face and said she commutes everyday. He also told that he will get her to board the metro to Dwarka. I went along with them, for I wasn't sure how she will manage. On the five minute distance towards the blue line, I asked what she did, she said, she works at Bangla Sahib. She sold something which I didn't fully understand. I asked if there is someone at her home, she said "Sab hain". She asked me where I worked, I said in a Bank, she then told me, she is not educated however she is working so that her son will be one day, who is currently in tenth standard. I smiled at this, for my mind had gone blank. I touched her lightly, she caressed my hand and said that I should get going. She boarded the metro to Dwarka and I saw a girl looking at her, with the same harried expression which I had a little while ago.

An ordinary looking woman, with ordinary goals but extraordinary determination. I still can't fathom how she reaches home everyday, how she sells, how she manages to send her child to school. But she does, because the quiet composure of hers told me that she will be fine and that she will be able to educate her son well enough to take care of her or so I hope.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Between the time I last wrote to today, few things happened.

  1. Awesome vacation to Goa - I went with two of my girl friends and what a vacation it was. I always thought what was the big deal about Goa but there indeed is. It is such a beautiful - carefree place. People lie down on the beaches, on the pool side, in the shacks and unwind. It gave me a such a happy high feeling that for a few days after coming back I was mentally still there.
  2. I watched a couple of movies - Barfi and Oh my God to be precise. Loved both of them. Barfi is sweet and sensitive. Oh my God is real and practical. The Indian cinema is taking leaps one after the other and like many other things this also makes my heart swell with pride.
  3. October is here which means that the warm sunshine is back and the air smells sweet again. I like winters, I have always liked winters. Delhi winters bring along a charm which is matchless. The cuddling up in quilts, the warm water bath, the socks which adorn my feet. Ah, the changing seasons and assorted memories.