Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleepless starry nights

Last night, when I reached home, there was no electricity, it was pitch dark for some reason the back up also wasn't there. I was feeling exasperated, exhausted after a long day, I so wanted my AC to work or at least the fan for even that would give some respite. While I was cursing the electricity woes, I remembered the sleepless starry nights of Roorkee.

Roorkee is the city where I have spent all my summer vacations. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents houses are in Roorkee and so when I was young, we used to go and spend summers there. Trust me dear blog, if there is one thing I really hated about Roorkee it was, the constant electricity trouble. It would just go off for hours and come back only on its own sweet pace. Day time, I used to manage by playing games, endless talking, eating mangoes and getting pampered but the nights were tough. If the electricity would go off in the night, it meant that a sleepless starry night was in store. There were preparations, which I did. A folding bed in the veranda, a mosquito net which covered it from all sides, Odomas cream all over my legs and hands and then staring into sky, making beautiful constellations. Sleep wouldn't come still and then I would pester my grandmother to tell a story; Mahabharata, Akbar - Birbal, Chanakya and the like. While the stories would continue, one after the other, I would fall asleep in her lap easily, comfortably.

That was the last of my sleeping under the sky, in the breeze of the trees that stood tall, along side chattering of the fireflies. It was an era in itself, quiet, sleepless, starry :)

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