Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flip charts

Actually, I am still trying to figure out dear blog what I want to write. I have a couple of things in mind but let me see, I think it is the flip chart story that I am going to tell you about today. So, last two days I was in this training program, the theme of which was Passion. In the penultimate session, our facilitator asked us to individually take up a flip chart and depict in pictures "What is the source of my motivation" and "How do I display my passion". This seemed like a mammoth task, as I am particularly bad in drawing since childhood days. I am quite verbose and can talk for hours but drawing, that just isn't my cup of tea. I tried resisting but in vain and found solace in the fact that there are many like me in the participants who had the same inhibition about drawing and that too drawing a story that depicts passion and motivation!

Anyway, so by the time, I was wondering how will I draw anything, we got the flip charts and the sketch pens. I saw everyone scratching their heads and slowly making something on their flip chart, I thought I had to make something too so I started with whatever little was coming in my mind. We had half an hour and before I could realize, people were calling out my name to stop and put the flip chart on the wall. I was almost happy with the result. But what made me super happy was looking at the 25 odd flip charts adorning the walls. Each flip chart did have a story, it did talk about the individual's source of motivation and passion. The room looked so very vibrant. We had all used simple pictures like trees, mountains, sun, birds, motorbikes, pots, people, books, trophies and money to depict the purpose of our lives. Each participant then went in the front and explain what the drawing was all about. It was wonderful dear blog, simple pictures, saying great things. Ordinary looking men and women talking about their sense of purpose.

Each of us went to the detail of what we want to do in life, how it is linked to the passion, what is it that motivates me as a person. Quite an enriching experience, I must say. You know that "fire in the belly" phrase, I used to think only some determined people have it but no its the other way round, everyone, each one of us has that fire in the belly, it is only the determined ones who dare to bring that fire to the fore and light up a sphere around them!

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