Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The way we live

My blood pressure will touch the sky one day, I get so worked up but what do I do, honestly dear blog, I was as polite as I could be and then such atrocious response.

A week back, I went to the market near my place. There is a small parking space right in front of the market. I was wanting to park but how could I, back and front wherever I saw, there were men conveniently using the space to relieve themselves. Old and young, literate and illiterate all alike. I waited for about five minutes and then parked. My blood had already boiled by them so I decided to wait another two minutes for this man who had just relieved him. I told him "this is market place and not your washroom". He simply said "usse bhi kaho na" and left. What choice did I have, to go and tell the other person or simply let it pass. I let it pass.

Today, while my head was going berserk with work. I stepped out for a cup of tea. There is a tea stall right in front of my office building. There were other people too, who were taking break from the monotony of the day. A group of three were having tea and omelette bread at the stall, this one particular guy, ate and left the plastic plate on the pavement near the stall. He was about to leave, when I told him that he left the plate there and a dustbin is right here (subtlety, you see). He asked me harshly, "what do you mean". I told him straight, "I mean, you should have thrown the plate in the dustbin". He said severely "what if I don't feel like doing it". I said "I will do it" and I picked the plate and threw in the dustbin. But will I do this again, I don't know.

Impossible is the word for the way we live, dirty are our ways and incorrigible are the means.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flip charts

Actually, I am still trying to figure out dear blog what I want to write. I have a couple of things in mind but let me see, I think it is the flip chart story that I am going to tell you about today. So, last two days I was in this training program, the theme of which was Passion. In the penultimate session, our facilitator asked us to individually take up a flip chart and depict in pictures "What is the source of my motivation" and "How do I display my passion". This seemed like a mammoth task, as I am particularly bad in drawing since childhood days. I am quite verbose and can talk for hours but drawing, that just isn't my cup of tea. I tried resisting but in vain and found solace in the fact that there are many like me in the participants who had the same inhibition about drawing and that too drawing a story that depicts passion and motivation!

Anyway, so by the time, I was wondering how will I draw anything, we got the flip charts and the sketch pens. I saw everyone scratching their heads and slowly making something on their flip chart, I thought I had to make something too so I started with whatever little was coming in my mind. We had half an hour and before I could realize, people were calling out my name to stop and put the flip chart on the wall. I was almost happy with the result. But what made me super happy was looking at the 25 odd flip charts adorning the walls. Each flip chart did have a story, it did talk about the individual's source of motivation and passion. The room looked so very vibrant. We had all used simple pictures like trees, mountains, sun, birds, motorbikes, pots, people, books, trophies and money to depict the purpose of our lives. Each participant then went in the front and explain what the drawing was all about. It was wonderful dear blog, simple pictures, saying great things. Ordinary looking men and women talking about their sense of purpose.

Each of us went to the detail of what we want to do in life, how it is linked to the passion, what is it that motivates me as a person. Quite an enriching experience, I must say. You know that "fire in the belly" phrase, I used to think only some determined people have it but no its the other way round, everyone, each one of us has that fire in the belly, it is only the determined ones who dare to bring that fire to the fore and light up a sphere around them!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slow down my dear life

I long for that idleness which I hated once. Its been quite some time since, I savored a bite, took a nap in the afternoon, went for a long leisure walk in a park, read a book one page at a time, listened to a song while lying down or sat talking without looking at my watch. I want to slow down dear blog, for it is running each second, each minute, each hour. While I write this post, I am thinking of quickly having a glass of juice, finish the book, reply to mails, check the stay arrangements in Goa, have the vitamin and sleep. While I will sleep, I will make a mental note of the things I want to wind up tomorrow, while I will bath, I will think of what to wear, and while on my way to work, I will probably call a person whom I promised to call a week back. While at work, I wont even begin to tell, what all will be running through my silly little head. It is not that I don't like being busy, on the contrary, being busy keeps me happy and engaged but you know I am kind of craving for the nothingness which used to be.

Slowing down in my daily routine life is one thing but jumping from here to there is quite another. If there is an analogy to a racing car, then it is the way people lead their lives. From this lane to that, from the zig zag to the halt, from the blind turns to the smooth stretch, it is just so super duper fast. It is very often, I see people around me moving from one person to the other, one relationship to the next, a nice car to a sexy car, a cool phone to an Iphone, a high paying job to a higher paying job. How in such a world, does one truly appreciate the good people or beautiful things or sweet relationships?

This is such a fast track world dear blog, you cant even imagine.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleepless starry nights

Last night, when I reached home, there was no electricity, it was pitch dark for some reason the back up also wasn't there. I was feeling exasperated, exhausted after a long day, I so wanted my AC to work or at least the fan for even that would give some respite. While I was cursing the electricity woes, I remembered the sleepless starry nights of Roorkee.

Roorkee is the city where I have spent all my summer vacations. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents houses are in Roorkee and so when I was young, we used to go and spend summers there. Trust me dear blog, if there is one thing I really hated about Roorkee it was, the constant electricity trouble. It would just go off for hours and come back only on its own sweet pace. Day time, I used to manage by playing games, endless talking, eating mangoes and getting pampered but the nights were tough. If the electricity would go off in the night, it meant that a sleepless starry night was in store. There were preparations, which I did. A folding bed in the veranda, a mosquito net which covered it from all sides, Odomas cream all over my legs and hands and then staring into sky, making beautiful constellations. Sleep wouldn't come still and then I would pester my grandmother to tell a story; Mahabharata, Akbar - Birbal, Chanakya and the like. While the stories would continue, one after the other, I would fall asleep in her lap easily, comfortably.

That was the last of my sleeping under the sky, in the breeze of the trees that stood tall, along side chattering of the fireflies. It was an era in itself, quiet, sleepless, starry :)