Friday, August 24, 2012

I am very very tired dear blog, but then something within me is itching and so here I am typing and wondering yet again if I will make any sense.

You know, I am an eternal optimist and absolutely nothing can dither me to think in the happy, dreamy and larger than life direction. Like many other days, today also I was telling myself that bigger, better and beautiful things are in store. I always tell this to myself and from constant reinforcement of this belief I have come to realize that hope is quite a spectacular thing. It gives the courage to keep going on, the strength to keep smiling and the heart to keep loving. Please do not think dear blog, that something is going wrong with me, it is all wonderful and nice, I am only in the mood to write about the things I keep pondering about and this is one of them. Retrospectively, I look at things differently, may be we all do but increasingly I realize how many bigger, better, beautiful things were lying all around, waiting to be taken but I didn't take for reasons known only to me. It is like, there were chocolates laid down on table and I could have had them, but then I needed to stretch my hand, I needed to trust that the chocolates were nice and then make the effort of putting them in my mouth. I, if given my own fears decided not to do that small bit, then God help me.

It is excellent to be hopeful but then what will hope do alone, if there is no effort or conviction in the things which life bestows. I read a real thoughtful line somewhere and it goes like "the happiest people don't have the best things, they simply appreciate the things that they have.." It makes all the sense in the world to me only if my sense remains with me all the time.

P.S. - As a matter of fact, I usually love and appreciate a lot of things that I have and it is one of the days, when I am being overly critical of myself.

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