Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apathy at its best

I usually refrain from writing about things which have been written and spoken about everywhere possible. But today, I can't hold back for I am saddened, horrified and disgusted to no end.

A teenager is molested in full public view by a mob. She is thrashed, manhandled, slapped, stripped, groped for good 30 minutes and people, a whole lot of people just pass by. A video gets uploaded of the despicable incident and shakes the consciousness. People (read power) give statements, strong lofty statements but in these statements the name, identity and picture of the victim gets slipped out. They had to make a point, how does it matter if their point mercilessly takes someone's barely left self esteem. Thereafter, political leaders to self proclaimed protectors everyone comes and preaches how a girl should get dressed. How the dress should evoke respect and not lust. And this is not where the story will end, my dear blog, it will continue for days, months, years to come. The accused are arrested but not punished, the smiles on their faces may have vanished but the face remains, the ugly face of devil remains, protected, guarded somewhere away from the victim who lost it all.

If being a girl makes me shudder everyday, then there was more to come. A senior level HR executive of one of my favorite car brands was burnt to death. The nature of death was such, that I tremble with fear even while casually talking about it. Mr Awanish Kumar Dev was made immobile and then his office was set on fire. Such brutal cold blooded murder of a decent, respectable, working man makes me wonder if life, work,  ambition, education, ethics have any meaning left. There was trouble brewing within Maruti and it is understandable that there was mass discontent, anger, frustration but a person being burnt to death cannot be fathomed. Nothing whatsoever can ever justify this ghastly incident. Nothing but shame is what I feel for the society, the judiciary, the government, the India Inc. and for myself.


Satyadev said...

To days times of India says that Maruti has sought help of vedic astrologer from Bangalore to sort out Vastu of Haryana unit, to avoid problem spreading to other units.
Ladies, pl consult your astrologer before going out to avoid being molested.

Satyadev said...

To all dear young followers of this blog.
Blog on finding a partner had 14 comments.
This blog addresses a serious issue of indvidual safety should concern you all.But no comments?
Your concern matters and contributes to to your and your families safety which as a free nation is your right.

Rahul said...

Uncle, yes indeed this is very sad and shocking. These are the sort of things you'd rather just want to hear on the news and hope it never happens in/ around your surroundings. These unfortunate occurrences are happening not only in India but outside India too, with increasing regularity. Trying to bring about a change and reinvent the wheel is a futile exercise, and chances are that we have far more to lose than the miscreants involved. Therefore a policy of hazard perception and avoidance is best suited, in keep oneself out of harm's way !