Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two T's

There are so many moments in life, when things go terribly wrong, when the most beautiful dream gets shattered, when all of life's roses turn into thorns and there is nothing that one can do. Helplessness, dejection, misery is all that mind gets engulfed with.  It is in these times, when my tried and tested two T's help. Now before my dear blog, you wonder, that I am going to go on tangent, I will let you know what my two T's stand for - tears and talk.

I hate writing blogs which makes me or the occasional reader sad but trust me, this is not going to be like one of those, lets-get-into-depression posts. In fact, in this post, I am going to tell you about my secret recipe to happiness after mess. First, I will write about tears, yes I know for most it would be "why the hell should one cry" but my funda is exactly the opposite. It works like this, lets just accept that everything has gone topsy turvy and there is nothing which will make it better, then why not cry and make oneself feel at least a tad bit better. And mind you dear blog, when I say tears, its not the silent-in-the-dark tears, I am talking about. I am talking pretty much about tears which are enough to fill a bucket. You need to cry as if there has never been a more sad moment in life, cry with hoarse voice and cry without inhibitions (yes, let the nose run too). In short, cry the way babies do and don't be in a hurry to be quiet and sober again. I feel in a lot of ways, crying is a cathartic experience, it lets the stupid sad feeling out of the system and if you cry the way I suggest, then you will anyways be so tired of the whole experience that the event in itself will look smaller and more manageable.

If tears lets the damaged and rotten feelings out, then Talk has even more of a soothing effect on oneself. The more I talk, the more comforted I am, the only caveat being that you need to talk to people who are mature and who love you more than anyone else in the world. For example, I talk to my mom and daddy cool. My mom not just empathizes but makes it known that it is indeed sad the way things turned out to be, and it is such a comforting feeling that your own mother shares the sorrow. My daddy cool on the other hand, makes me feel strong, gives me pep talk and tells me I-know-you-can-handle. It becomes imperative post that, and I automatically am able to get a grip on things. If by chance, there is something which still lingers on in the mind, then long long phone calls and coffee conversations with best friends and life is simple
r, happier again!

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