Friday, June 29, 2012

Life is a lovely song..

What an evening it was, I can't stop singing, foot tapping, humming and smiling. I have been a music lover since I don't know when. If I am happy, sad, bored, excited, nervous, gloomy, dreamy i.e if I am alive, all I want is music. In music also, I have the knack to automatically tune into songs which suit the mood and then content I go in life. So anyway, after the prelude, let me come to what made me super happy today. I, with my office team gave farewell to a colleague and the place we went to was Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar. It was all nice and simple - cracking stupid jokes, having drinks, lots of food and good music. As the evening progressed, we realized, since it is a Karaoke place, we could actually SING. I mean, no one ever cared to listen, not even myself whenever I tried singing. But then, as the famous saying goes - each dog has its day. Today, was my day. I went upto the person managing the show, told him the songs I wanted, then took the mike, sang with all my might and did a little bit of jig too. It is just so cool, to be able to stand right up there, look at the screen and sing the way you want to. I am so going to Karaoke places more often!

Life is a lovely song..
and I want to just sing it along :)


Rahul said...

Good to see you happy ...

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Rahul! I am generally happy-go-lucky :)