Friday, June 29, 2012

Life is a lovely song..

What an evening it was, I can't stop singing, foot tapping, humming and smiling. I have been a music lover since I don't know when. If I am happy, sad, bored, excited, nervous, gloomy, dreamy i.e if I am alive, all I want is music. In music also, I have the knack to automatically tune into songs which suit the mood and then content I go in life. So anyway, after the prelude, let me come to what made me super happy today. I, with my office team gave farewell to a colleague and the place we went to was Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar. It was all nice and simple - cracking stupid jokes, having drinks, lots of food and good music. As the evening progressed, we realized, since it is a Karaoke place, we could actually SING. I mean, no one ever cared to listen, not even myself whenever I tried singing. But then, as the famous saying goes - each dog has its day. Today, was my day. I went upto the person managing the show, told him the songs I wanted, then took the mike, sang with all my might and did a little bit of jig too. It is just so cool, to be able to stand right up there, look at the screen and sing the way you want to. I am so going to Karaoke places more often!

Life is a lovely song..
and I want to just sing it along :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding a partner or whatever!

I have so many friends and all of them are either married, engaged or in the process. I won't write about the former because as we all know, for them the story has come to a full stop. And I can perhaps write books about the latter one, i.e the ones who are in process of finding a partner or in other words who are in limbo. Since, this is a topic, on which everyone has a opinion or two cents to offer, I will pick up a relatively small and easier to comprehend  subject to write on, which is "what do guys look for when they are out there to find their better half or as I put it, the smaller half".

Going back, to the point that I have many friends, a whole lot are from the other sex and like many other things, they also have shared the kind of partner they are looking for. I was initially surprised but now have come to terms with the fact that they are looking for someone who is educated but not ambitious, good to have a conversation with but not who can speak her mind out, who is working but has a job which is neither demanding nor high paying, who is independent but can easily adjust in a joint family and finally who is beautiful to look at. There is nothing wrong with all what my friends have in mind, but the only part being that all throughout their lives they admire and appreciate women who are equals to them, whom they openly and frankly call awesome but when it comes to settling down in life, the awesome friend is just not an option and I am not saying a girl would want to explore a relationship with a male friend but well friends of friends could have worked right. Sadly, it doesn't, the male friends openly without a hint of remorse and shyness say.. "oh she is ambitious, may be as much as I am", "oh she earns way too much, after the recent raise, its a little more than I do", "she reads my mind quickly and its way too difficult to fool her". Come on guys, is your self worth that shaky, that any girl worth your stature is not giving a genuine try. Just imagine, what a plight it is for such girls, they have everything but a partner and primarily because they are good and may be as good as you are!

I know, the para above is slightly cynical and has generalized all my male friends which probably is not true. There is indeed a smaller subset of guys who don't look for smaller halves but for companions and equal partners for life. Since they are few in number, they are taken usually during school or college days. Thumbs up to all those who stood up for the girls they admired and what do I say for the rest, well all the best!

P.S. - I have met enough people of both kinds and all eventually find or are in the process of finding their partners so be happy and keep looking out :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two T's

There are so many moments in life, when things go terribly wrong, when the most beautiful dream gets shattered, when all of life's roses turn into thorns and there is nothing that one can do. Helplessness, dejection, misery is all that mind gets engulfed with.  It is in these times, when my tried and tested two T's help. Now before my dear blog, you wonder, that I am going to go on tangent, I will let you know what my two T's stand for - tears and talk.

I hate writing blogs which makes me or the occasional reader sad but trust me, this is not going to be like one of those, lets-get-into-depression posts. In fact, in this post, I am going to tell you about my secret recipe to happiness after mess. First, I will write about tears, yes I know for most it would be "why the hell should one cry" but my funda is exactly the opposite. It works like this, lets just accept that everything has gone topsy turvy and there is nothing which will make it better, then why not cry and make oneself feel at least a tad bit better. And mind you dear blog, when I say tears, its not the silent-in-the-dark tears, I am talking about. I am talking pretty much about tears which are enough to fill a bucket. You need to cry as if there has never been a more sad moment in life, cry with hoarse voice and cry without inhibitions (yes, let the nose run too). In short, cry the way babies do and don't be in a hurry to be quiet and sober again. I feel in a lot of ways, crying is a cathartic experience, it lets the stupid sad feeling out of the system and if you cry the way I suggest, then you will anyways be so tired of the whole experience that the event in itself will look smaller and more manageable.

If tears lets the damaged and rotten feelings out, then Talk has even more of a soothing effect on oneself. The more I talk, the more comforted I am, the only caveat being that you need to talk to people who are mature and who love you more than anyone else in the world. For example, I talk to my mom and daddy cool. My mom not just empathizes but makes it known that it is indeed sad the way things turned out to be, and it is such a comforting feeling that your own mother shares the sorrow. My daddy cool on the other hand, makes me feel strong, gives me pep talk and tells me I-know-you-can-handle. It becomes imperative post that, and I automatically am able to get a grip on things. If by chance, there is something which still lingers on in the mind, then long long phone calls and coffee conversations with best friends and life is simple
r, happier again!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girls, forever crazy girls

Some days back, I went shopping by myself and as expected, got super confused. This or that, I had no clue. I tried two dresses at least 4 times each and finally picked up one. When I got home, I suddenly felt the urge to change and get the other one. So next day, I went straight to the store again and as if my mind was waiting for me to get there, I was in two minds again. This time I thought, nothing doing, so I went shamelessly tapping aunties, girls and asking them to suggest which dress is better. Only when at least 4 people confirmed that pink one looked the best, I bought it! I thought for many days that I was the only moron capable of doing this but guess what, I am not alone. Over the last weekend, I went mall hopping again, this time thankfully with my parents and there I saw a girl coming towards us. She innocently looked at mommy and asked "Aunty, what do you think about this Kurti": I smiled and helped her buy the stuff.

If the above proves, that all (at least some) girls are confused shopaholics then this para will delve in the pervasive self obsession. I remember when I was very young, 3 years or so, I was short ( of course) and so couldn't reach up to the washbasin mirror or any other mirror in the house, I would go to the kitchen and see myself in a steel water filter we used to have. This was not it, when I was a teenager and out of house, I used to stop by at at the parked cars and look at myself in the side mirrors. My friend used to say, I am the only one who does such crazy stuff. But after so many years, I realize, I am not alone. Yesterday, while de boarding the metro, there was a college girl in front of me and an aunty behind me and all three of us, while waiting for the door to get opened, checked ourselves out, touched the hair and tried looking primmer. I felt great and bonded at the same time.