Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Merc :( Welcome Audi :)

You know blog, I am super sad, for my darling Merc is going to go away very soon. The sense of loss is immense, it was my first car and so the attachment I have cannot be explained in words. I can recount my journey with Merc as if it was yesterday. I was 18 when I started to drive, and this was the vehicle which gave me the strength to be on my own. It sure made me nervous, made me shudder initially but gradually gave me the confidence and comfort that its always going to be around.

My Merc is actually a 22 year old Maruti 800, without AC, without music system, without the luxury of power steering but that never mattered, because I loved it and it loved me back. I had just begun my journey into the adulthood, when it had started crumbling down but together we shared, we cared. In my Merc, I have cried bitterly, laughed heartily, shared secrets, hugged friends, whispered sweet nothings, held hands, all while it was watching me over. It was the comforting feeling of having been in my own space, my own world. There have been tough times too, when I was stranded in Merc, middle of heavy rain, honking traffic, late evening, but there was never a moment when I felt scared. I mean, I thought only people evoke such emotions but no even things do, lifeless things, things which are adored, which are special. And my Merc is one of things which will always remain special, which will be forever missed.

As you can guess, since Merc is going, there is a new entrant in my life and it obviously has to be the Audi. So my new car is an i10 Magna and it is super awesome. Red, cute, smooth, chic and stylish. Yesterday, it came home and how lovely it looked. I drove it and trust me dear blog, driving a new car is like holding a new born baby. I was so nervous, so scared to take it in my own hands. I was being extra careful with each turn, each gear change, but the drive was wonderful. It comforted me in its own new ways and I felt relieved. I am already in love with my Audi and I truly hope that the journey with Audi is as beautiful as it was with my Merc.

Welcome my dear Audi :) You will get all what you ever imagined!


Nikunj Vohra said...

Ha! I was just thinking "a merc as a first car at 18?! Wow, This must be one rich spoilt brat". Now that youve clarified what it really was, i (and other common ppl) can continue reading this blog

Nikunj Vohra said...

Went thru a few posts. Nice blog. Pl keep up the good work!
Btw i noticed the template, colors etc change midway. Dunno if you have one of those templates that keep changing on their own, or made the changes manually during the last hour. if its the latter, just wanna say the new template looks nice and this font is much easier to read!

Neha Dua said...

Hey Nikunj! I soooo miss my merc :( and I am pretty much a commoner, whom you meet everyday at work or marketplace!

Thanks for your kind words :) Yes, I was just re doing my blog for the last one hour. Glad, you liked it. Spent so much time in choosing fonts, colors, widgets, wooof!