Monday, April 23, 2012


I am back dear blog, with many many updates to share, and between the time when you and I had our last rendezvous, I have traveled to Hyderabad, Khandala and Mumbai. It was good but I feel great to be back, after all home is home.

You know dear blog, when on official trips, I usually talk a lot, to colleagues who turn out to be great friends. We chit chat starting from the casual and end into sharing deep feelings. You will be surprised to know what I found common in all such silly-turned-serious conversations. We are all entangled here or there, each one in each moment.. thinking, dreaming, wishing, praying for something.. for someone. In absolute terms, no one is really happy, every one has his her own cribs, pain points to sort out, but in moments all of us are or at least have the choice to be.

There are friends of both types, who continually overlook the moments and there are others who live in moments as if there is no tomorrow, laugh as if never cried and love as if never been hurt! I like it this way, who knows what is in store day after, a month later or may be a decade hence.

P.S - Don't you think I have become philosophical :O


Satyadev said...

travel enriches you.

Rahul said...

Ahem ! very well said. What are you dreaming, wishing and praying for Neha...

Satyadev said...

Rahul,Just sharing my personal experiences.
I am 74.

Neha Dua said...

Chacha ji - :)
Rahul - secret secret ;)