Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have a thing for cities

You know dear Blog, I have been visiting so many cities purely out of chance and there is not one city which I haven't liked till date. There is some or the other characteristic to be enticed about. Very recently I went to Hyderabad (for work of course), this was my second trip and I loved everything about the city, the drive from the airport to the city, the acceptance of people from all parts of the country, the chaos on the Char Minar, the calmness of Hussain Sagar. Its a city which has moved with time and still not lost its original charm.

I won't write about Delhi and Mumbai because, you know how much I am in love with both of them though for eclectic reasons. But, I can't write about cities and not mention Ahmedabad in this post. I have stayed in Ahmedabad for 30 days and what a beautiful stay it was. Lush green park (Law garden), fabulous places to eat, Kankaria lake, Akshardham temple, it is such a light and peaceful place, contrary to my belief of it being pregnant with tension. Then, there was Bangalore, which I visited for a couple of days but I clearly remember it being cosmopolitan. It has moved faster than a lot of other places and thus I felt liberated there. Almost 5 years back, I visited Pune, the stay was for a day but are you surprised that instantly I fell in love with the city. It was fresh and young, the memory of which still makes me feel like a college girl!

I have been to Lucknow, Chandigarh and Jaipur too. They were marvelous in their own ways. Lucknow was colourful, Chandigarh plush and Jaipur royal. You know whenever I am in a new city, I actually go to the "places to see" in google and then tick mark them diligently. Small joys of life, and may be its time to plan a trip to a city not traveled yet - may be to the city of joy :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Places of worship

Places of worship are where Gods live and so I was taught as a toddler to always bow down. I did, as told like an obedient girl. My places of worship revolved around the various temples which in many ways were similar. There would be adorned idols of Gods, folded hands, prayers and pandit ji. This to me encapsulated everything which a place of worship stood for. I neither was fascinated nor disillusioned, I was neutral at best.

I would have lived and died in my neutrality but for a casual visit to a Gurudwara. The white clean rugs, the covered heads, the prostration, the bright piece of cloth around the holy book, the Shabad, the parshad, it was magical to the core. I felt at peace and became a regular visitor to the Gurudwaras. I thought now, I have discovered it all but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth for I was still to comprehend the humbling concept of "Sewa".

Sewa to Sikhs is the purest form of devotion, everything small and big which can be done in the service of another man and community in general is undertaken by the devotees. Distinguished men polish shoes smeared with filth and dirt; carefree young girls and boys safe keep the shoes of anyone and everyone who enters the abode, affluent women serve and cook when hundreds sit to satiate their hunger and the little ones run around with whatever their hands can carry. Sikhs seek opportunities to do Sewa, it is the essence of their religion and the path towards salvation. It is amazing to see how ingrained, how selfless the devotion is. It is not that I haven’t seen devotion elsewhere, but devotion to another being, is what mesmerizes me. 

Thank you God, for taking me to a Gurudwara, thank you for letting me know whatever I today know of Sewa. 

And now a picture of the most beautiful place of worship I have ever visited J

Monday, April 23, 2012


I am back dear blog, with many many updates to share, and between the time when you and I had our last rendezvous, I have traveled to Hyderabad, Khandala and Mumbai. It was good but I feel great to be back, after all home is home.

You know dear blog, when on official trips, I usually talk a lot, to colleagues who turn out to be great friends. We chit chat starting from the casual and end into sharing deep feelings. You will be surprised to know what I found common in all such silly-turned-serious conversations. We are all entangled here or there, each one in each moment.. thinking, dreaming, wishing, praying for something.. for someone. In absolute terms, no one is really happy, every one has his her own cribs, pain points to sort out, but in moments all of us are or at least have the choice to be.

There are friends of both types, who continually overlook the moments and there are others who live in moments as if there is no tomorrow, laugh as if never cried and love as if never been hurt! I like it this way, who knows what is in store day after, a month later or may be a decade hence.

P.S - Don't you think I have become philosophical :O