Friday, March 30, 2012

What we do and why?

Dear Blog, I am going to tell you something real obvious today, but you may have also not realized it, the way I didn't for a long long time.

It was one of these Sundays in the last month when mommy said that she wants me to patiently listen to what she has to say and try to implement it too. I was in high spirits and committed to her that she can tell me whatever, I shall abide by it. She began and ended and in less than five minutes but got me thinking many times post our discussion. Basically mommy asked, that "do you know why we behave rudely with someone", "do you know why we shout at others", "do you know why we get irritated when a nobody asks for help". She said because we CAN. What she meant was that, when we shout at someone, we know at the back of our minds that we CAN afford to shout, similarly when we behave rudely that is because we CAN behave rudely and get away with it and last but not the least we get irritated for the simple reason that we CAN help but well why bother. Mommy also said, that this how one becomes arrogant, this is why power (in which ever form) goes to our mind and plays its wicked games.

Isn't this profound dear blog, I always, since ages felt that I shout because someone has bugged me, I behave rudely because I am upset! Its just not this, its only how I have conditioned myself to believe. It took me a while to digest this revelation but when I did, I decided to be more patient, (trust me, my job really tests me on this one) not shout, never be rude and be helpful as much as possible. Its been a few weeks and I have managed to score decently on all accounts (with of course a lot of a conscious effort). So much and more for being my mommy's wonderful daughter :)


satya said...

you are so fortunate but why so often depressed?

Neha Dua said...

No.. I am not depressed! I am a happy girl :)

satya said...

You blessed and lucky to have such homegrown wisdom at hand.
Persons who raise their voices have weak arguments.

sidharth said...

good lesson for all of us to follow.. Practice patience not tolerance.