Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There have been too many questions floating in my head recently and sadly I didn't have any satisfactory answers. Questions about life, love, destiny and the like. There are only two choices when I am bombarded with such existential questions viz. put them at back of mind and get going or figure out answers. I miserably failed at both, neither could I get my mind off them, nor could I convince myself with whatever few arguments I could conjure.

Fortunately or unfortunately, life always gives indications if not answers. The only problem being that they are sometimes too small to recognize, sometimes too trivial to cognize and more often than not too harsh to accept but then they are always there. So when I was on a losing war against my questions, I got indications and respite thereafter. As I write, I remember how varied, how relevant, they were and are.

One of my common cribs is that I never usually get things on time, I mean in my mind I have no doubt that I deserve the best but then there is an unnecessary and painstakingly long wait. It was that very day, when I was in my low of lows that I read somewhere "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain". I got the point, plain and simple and felt miles better than before.


Soulfull Rhytm said...
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Soulfull Rhytm said...

The thing is that for most of us, We are the center of the world and it revolves around us. When things dont work out we are sad, surprised and mystified. We think "thats not how its supposed to be. After facing so much in my life i at least deserve this".

We forget that we are but one being amongst a world of beings who are connected in an inexplicable complex way, and for each us
to co-exist somethings work out and others dont. It may or may not be related to hard work one does for his/her goal.

The trouble in looking at things in this way is that we are emotionally involved with ourselves and its no easy task to change that =)

Neha Dua said...

I so agree with you, life is a complex equation but that variable that matters to me is just an I.