Sunday, February 26, 2012

You must be the change you want to see in the world

The title of my post is my favorite quote and I always felt that it says a thousand words. It sometimes act as an inspiration and at other times, makes me introspect. There are things which I claim to be passionate about but when it comes to making a difference, I either feel tired or overwhelmed by the entire idea. It is true to a great extent that one in an ocean will not matter much but it does matter and I have started realizing this and thankfully so. Its only the other day, when my granny (badi mummy) had come over to our place, she who was once the most beautiful woman has now become frail and small but well that's not the point. The point is that I took her along to a mall in Noida and to reach the mall there is a crossover bridge. We were generally walking at our own pace, when suddenly mommy realized that she wasn't comfortable using the escalator, not that she hasn't been on it before, but for some strange reason she was scared that day. Mommy comforted her and told me and daddy cool to keep going while they will follow us. Badi mummy put her small feet gingerly on the escalator and before I realized, I heard mommy shouting, Badi mummy lost her balance and we saw her falling on the escalator, I and daddy cool started going down but all we saw was terror in mommy's eyes. In an instant, all the worst thoughts crossed my head, but before my eyes flashed something very sweet. There were two guys in their 20s who lifted Badi mummy in their arms, they held her in the same way an infant is held, safe and secure. It was such a touching moment, when they finally reached at the top, I thanked them profusely but they stood there comforting us. Badi mummy was unscathed, we smiled through our tears and I thought silently how easy for those guys it was to be change they wanted to see in the world.

I had some years back seen the TOI Lead India campaign, the one in which a small boy puts all he has to remove a roadblock (a tree trunk) so that traffic could move. While many others were comfortably numb in their positions, he braved rain and the huge tree, he made a difference, if nothing else he was an inspiration for the passersby. The video ends with many people joining him and ultimately, the tree gets removed. Watching that video still gives me goosebumps and I end up thinking what a force can be: one thought, one idea, one person. Recently, with some luck and an acquaintance, I got to know about this couple (ISB Graduates) who started a website: Their aim is to write and spread awareness about projects/initiatives where people have made incremental difference to society through education, empowerment, entrepreneurship and so on. It is about real people who do real things and lead a life of contentment. The more I read on the website, the more my faith is reinstated: "You must be the change you want to see in the world"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feel good!

Dear Blog, did you see the time and effort I spent to give you a new fresh look? Don't you feel all pepped up in purple? Though the maple leaf looked extremely graceful but then it was some time so I thought that may be you wanted a change and I see you are loving it. Bright and beautiful. You know what, dear blog, it is very important to pamper yourself. When I am bored of myself and I want to feel good, I get a brand new haircut, wear a happy dress, funky shoes and put on a charming lip glossy smile. These seemingly random things give such happiness in this marathon running world of cribbing and cursing, that I can't even explain.

I usually refrain from prescribing stuff but dear blog readers, if any, please try my feel good therapy, the one explained above. For starters, if you feel that getting a funny hair cut has too much of risk involved then I will give you a simple one to begin with. When caught in the middle of bad traffic, put on the ear plugs or the music system (as per your preference) and sing, as loudly as you want to, try doing a small jig too (remember the car is not moving) and give a dazzling smile to the person in the next car. Its going to be awesome, trust me. If this really goes bad, I mean lets say the worst case scenario, you will only get a befuddled look back, the song and jig still remains yours and you can feel proud to be a patient happy member of the crazy city roads. And in most likelihood if it goes well, the person will smile back at you and you will feel doubly good about yourself.

Now, dear blog readers I realize that this post is becoming painstakingly long, but please just one last advice, and its the feel good advice so don't ditch now, come on! Ok, I will keep it terse: drop in compliments here and there, here meaning give compliments to yourself and there meaning give compliments to other people. I can bet (a friendly one of course) that this shall work and you the rare blog reader will come back and say thank you! (Be optimistic, feel good :D)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The joy of cooking

I have never been one of those girls who help mommy with the cooking stuff, on the contrary I would always be seen lazing around with a book or laptop but never ever in the kitchen. I found the entire concept of thinking, cooking, eating and then thinking again for the next meal tiresome and boring but now, all of that is history.

I don't exactly remember the trigger but I know for a fact that I was itching to cook and so I pressed daddy cool to get all different veggies, coaxed mommy to take all her old cookery books out and I began thinking on what I wanted to cook: Indian , Italian, Chinese, Mughlai, Tandoori. I finally decided on a couple of different things and began the grand cooking plan. What a great feeling it is, to clean, chop, butter, marinate, bake, deep fry, grill. When something raw, takes a form and shape that is beautiful, I get excited. But, the ultimate satisfaction is when a loved one appreciates and says "its delicious"