Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last few days, I made my mommy go crazy as I went about selecting and rejecting the pictures I would put in our house. On my parents bed, was a pile of photographs from my childhood, birthdays, their honeymoon, marriage, holidays and the rest. I sifted through each album many times over before zeroing on the ones which I like the best. I then headed straight for the photographer's shop and asked him to resize the photos, so that they would fit well in the various photo frames I had collected. He got them perfectly done and what I delight it was to see them, to put them carefully in photo frames and finally finding the perfect space for placing them.

Pictures give a whiff of the beautiful past and I love the concept of having pictures clicked today for whatever silly reason possible. As much as this moment may seem like just another day, another time, 20 years from hence or even 2 years from now, it will be a different place, different world and all that will remain of today will be those pictures. We move so fast, one relationship to the other, one job to the next, one holiday and then another, how can one remain sane and remember all that happened in this big beautiful world.

Thank you the great soul who invented the camera, I and Facebook will always remain indebted!

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