Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Year is the time of the year when people exchange greetings quite enthusiastically and I am one of those super enthusiastic ones whom you will find in office canteen, in malls, in parking lots generally smiling and passing the "Happy New Year" look. People also very graciously ask and tell about the New Year resolutions and as much as I am all in for the resolutions, I usually also look back at the Old Year and make a mental note of good - bad things that happened. The Old Year at least deserves a mention, right?

Anyway so when I was doing the same for 2011, all the things that came to my mind were either to do with people, places or experiences. Top of the mind recall were: my Kerala trip with mommy daddy, Jagjit Singh Live in concert with H, euphoria of India winning the world cup, luncheon with my girlies on Valentines, run up to VBs wedding, an evening with AS in Noida, a morning breakfast in Candies, a bachelorette of a friend, a book I read (the color purple), a movie date with daddy cool, a song dedicated by my little cousin, a mid night buffet with my school time buddies and a dress which I randomly bought as a gift to myself. All of this and much more tells me that it is these moments small and big in which we live. Days, months and years pass by but there will always be times to cherish.

Yes yes, I know New Year, you are craving for attention and so here my dear blog for the sake of record I write about the well crafted and thought through New Year resolution. It is called Mission 26 and along with the fancy name comes a lot of hard work namely regular exercise and quitting junk but going by my past three days record, it seems like I will take an eternity to accomplish this and not just the New Year. Though I must give credit to myself for at least taking the stairs both at office and home but If only, this works! I know Mission 26 is tough and that on New Year there is performance pressure but lets see baby, where you take me. Love.


Karan said...

Nice read and all the best for a great 2012

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Karan!

Anup said...

What intrigued me was that the list contained small things (dinner with dad, valentines dinner with girlfriends, etc)and not necessarily huge events in life ...I suppose that helps up realize where our priorities lie :)
Good read !

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Anup, have always loved the small sweet events of life!