Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I haven't kept in touch dear blog and for obvious reasons. I hate it when there is so much negativity around. A girl was gang raped, almost killed and thrown out of a moving bus; the furore around is only a testimony that even the most apathetic are moved. Such sad are the state of affairs that I can't even get myself to express my views on the subject.

To call this a rape case will be undermining the the nature of the ghastly act that it was. Words fail me and all I can say that the fiber with which a man was defined has been eroded. The gruesome, horrific and barbaric act demands nothing but punishment which befits the act. The punishment now has to act as a deterrent which thus far has never happened. The kids which grow up today need to respect and value a woman and not treat her as an object of desire.

My prayers go out for the battling soul and for the family which faces deep anguish. My heart shudders to think of all the times, when I traveled alone or with a friend thinking that I am safe, that I am appropriately dressed, that there is Police and other citizens at guard, that I can scream and ask for help just in case..

You know dear blog, whilst a lot of us read, write, protest, boil with anger, no one, absolutely NO ONE can empathize. It is all but natural to read about someone else who has been through a tragedy and feel the agony. A rape or a murder or whatsoever else, our mind is conditioned in a way to think that it is a newspaper story or at the max, it can happen only with some one else and not with me or any one related to me. But it does, every single day, it happens with some one, some one whom I may know through a common friend or an old school or would have crossed in a mall.

I can see palpable tension around in the eyes of the people who care for me. My worried parents couldn't take their mind off me when my flight to Mumbai got delayed for a couple of hours, my friends who asked me to swear that never again, I am going to ask a passerby to behave in public, my colleagues at work who try and ensure that I reach home safely every day. What has life come to, it is dictated by diktats and I can't even raise a voice for I happen to be born a girl and all said & done, I want to lead a scar free, long healthy life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The fight, the return!

While flipping through the channels today, I came across this program "Zindagi abhi baaki hai" which was centered around Yuvraj Singh and his fight through cancer. It was about his treatment, his tough times, his weak moments and his indomitable spirit. It talks about what a patient goes through, the agony and the pain of knowing whether one will survive or not. The program also featured his mother who was with him all throughout during his treatment in US.

Before Yuvraj became an icon of inspiration, there was Lance Armstrong who won over his fight with cancer and became an athlete of great fame. He has fallen from grace for reasons known to all, but the fact remains, that he too won over and is/was a living legend for people all over the world. Yes, it is quite debatable whether he was anything ever to go by, but the credit of holding on and hanging on to life when it starts crumbling will always remain commendable.

The very gorgeous Lisa Ray and the pop queen Kylie Minogue, both also suffered from cancer. They too fought and got back with greater verve. And, I am sure, that there are many others who did the same and have been written about for years now but you know dear blog it is one thing to read about a celebrity and quite another to watch a dear one go through the struggle.

I lost my paternal grandfather when I was very young, he was suffering from cancer and I had no idea. All I remember is he giving me money to buy chocolates and bangles. Now, when I understand what it is all about, I see my maternal grandmother going through this. She has become frail and is reduced to a tiny frame. She used to be such a stunning woman till even a few months back that I shudder to think, what has happened. She was energetic and always in praise of her lord. It is painful and extremely difficult to believe that sometimes she needs assistance even to tend to her most basic needs. But, my badi mummy is no less than the people mentioned above, she is equally gritty or more for age is not on her side and neither her life partner but she braves it all and I know that this time round when I meet her, she will be healthier, happier. Inshaallah!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The nights and the lights

Nights and lights, aren't they similar sounding words. Words which mean very different things but sound so similar. No no, dear blog, I am not going to write about phonetics today but about a revelation which I had right now.

As a child in school, I had learnt what causes days and nights. It had to do with the rotation of earth around the sun and on its own axis. Now, many many years later, the scientific reason has ceased to exist and I feel that nights exist so that tired eyes, pained bodies and restless souls get some relief. It is an extraordinary way in which people lose touch with their conscious level and relax for few hours. My mom commented once something to the effect of:

Thank God, for there are nights
Hunger, pain, worries, cold
All get some fleeting respite

Lights serve a somewhat similar purpose. Diwali is round the corner and it is beautiful to see houses, streets, arcades being lit up with all kinds of colorful, ostentatious, graceful lights. With lights all around, I have seen the mood being enlivened. The hunger, the pain, the cold remains but all of it has alleviated for sometime. You know dear blog, people need reasons to be joyous about and festivals are these reasons. A week or so before, when I was excitedly hopping in Durga Puja pandals, I saw, how happy people were. The same people, who washed, cooked, cleaned in the morning, wore their best clothes and had the seemingly sumptuous but unhealthy food with glee. The help at our home - Chanda told me that she is on leave but she wants to come and get a picture clicked with me. I smiled and said of course. She came as promised, looking like this pretty, girl next door. Her enthusiasm knew no limits. She got me a box of sweets too and then merrily we went about smiling and posing.

Thank you God for the nights and thank you Mr Edison for the lights! :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

101 ways to embarrass yourself

I have been quite a joker since the beginning. There have been so many ways in which I have embarrassed myself that I can't help but laugh. This time around, I thought I shall make a written note of all those super silly ways and then go about referring it as and when, I want to give the gift of a laugh or two to other people.

So, I begin with the most tried and tested way with which I have been embarrassing myself. It is none other than the great grand fall which can happen just about anywhere, anytime. I can recall at least 40 different places and occasions where I would have fallen, fallen without any reason whatsoever. Once, there was this inter school dance competition in which I had participated. It was a group dance and we had prepared real hard. We were waiting with bated breath for the announcement of results and it was this adrenaline rush, when our name was called out. All of us ran to collect our prize on the stage. I reached there, ecstatic and energetic, and when only 2 steps were left, I fell and landed myself at the feet of the guest of honor. I cannot express in words, how embarrassing that was, with a meek smile, I got up, took my prize and hurried back with shooting pain all over. This was when I was 14 and now more than a decade later, I am no better. I along with three of my colleagues was taking a flight from Mumbai to Delhi. There was some madness but nothing so spectacular had happened which would make one miss a step on the stairs. But, I missed and then went flying upwards and then downwards (damn, the gravity!) landed with a thud. Who falls on the airport really, but I did and with such a comical way. My colleagues rushed towards me, trying to help me and there was this lady who did her best to straighten my that leg which wasn't hurt. Just try and imagine dear blog, a grown up working girl (yes, I refuse to call myself a woman) crying and laughing at the same time because she fell and hurt herself.

Next is the embarrassment which comes by acting smart or sweet whichever you may like to call. I will elaborate on this point. It has always been my endeavor to never embarrass other people so what happens is that I try and be like the other person. For example - one aunty whom I met at my granny's place, asked me which standard I was in, since she asked this in Hindi, I decided to reply her back only in Hindi, I said sweetly "daswi mein", she gave me a quizzical look and replied, "Ohh, so boards this time". I am all for Hindi, but that time, it was neither required nor necessary. There are many more ways, like dancing like a maniac when everyone is sober and noticing you from head to toe, like taking noisy rhythmic hiccups in a room full of suited uptight people, like giving wrong answers with such assured confidence, like bitching about someone when he/she is still hanging in the vicinity, like smiling through lips but showing it all through eyes!

P.S - You may please contact me for the rest 93 ways to in which you can embarrass yourself! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happiness oh happiness!

Anyone and everyone I speak to, tells me how they are not happy with their job or relationship or the way they look. They also, tell me how a little more money, a more understanding partner, a few inches loss, a new car will make them perfectly happy. I do the same dear blog, in all the conversations I have, I also harp about how this one more day off from work will make me happy. But suddenly, I have a basic doubt, happiness was never meant to be a function of job multiplied by partner divided by an old car, then how come this equation came into being? In fact, happiness as defined by Wikipedia is a mental or emotional state of well - being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

I have seen a lot of happy people, and they are not happy because they look like Catherine Zeta Jones or have a job to die or have that elusive dream partner but because they like being happy come whatever may. I have seen people go through lowest of lows and still be able to say, that its fine, and that they are good. You know this is what truly inspires me. It is extremely rare to find such people.Top of my mind recall, I can remember only two such people - one my dearest AS, whose only mantra in life is to be happy and to be laugh like there is no tomorrow. The other is my lovely roommate from MBA days who has contentment written all over her; she is always happy and at peace. But sadly, if I think about people who nag I have a long unending list. It is as if nagging has become fashionable. Anyone who doesn't nag becomes an alien in this world bereft of happiness.

It is a common read these days, that how the happiness index has gone down, how our forefathers were a whole lot happier race. This could be simply because our forefathers had fewer things and relationships to maintain, keep and protect. But what is the point of amassing wealth and friends, if none is bringing happiness to our countenance as was originally thought. This has to change dear blog and this will because you and I together, are going to tell a whole lot of people that being happy is in fashion and how nagging is just not the in thing anymore. Just imagine, seeing happy faces all around, what a brilliant sight it will be!

Happiness O happiness
Where are you
Embrace once again

For the world is waiting for you

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ordinary people, extraordinary lives

I was coming home by the metro today, and as much as I wanted it to run faster, it moved at its own pace, one station after the other. I kept counting the stations between Chhatarpur and Rajiv Chowk. After some good forty minutes when I finally thought just one more to go, someone caught my eye.

There was a lady on the wheelchair, who was being helped to get inside the metro. She had some speech and hearing difficulty too. She fidgeted with her phone but it wouldn't work. I kept looking at her but she didn't look back. In the mad rush which boards at Rajiv Chowk, I felt worried but she didn't care. I somehow reached her and asked, where she wanted to get down. She said "Rajiv Chowk". Three of us (me and two other girls), helped to move the wheelchair out when a guard came rushing. He looked at my harried face and said she commutes everyday. He also told that he will get her to board the metro to Dwarka. I went along with them, for I wasn't sure how she will manage. On the five minute distance towards the blue line, I asked what she did, she said, she works at Bangla Sahib. She sold something which I didn't fully understand. I asked if there is someone at her home, she said "Sab hain". She asked me where I worked, I said in a Bank, she then told me, she is not educated however she is working so that her son will be one day, who is currently in tenth standard. I smiled at this, for my mind had gone blank. I touched her lightly, she caressed my hand and said that I should get going. She boarded the metro to Dwarka and I saw a girl looking at her, with the same harried expression which I had a little while ago.

An ordinary looking woman, with ordinary goals but extraordinary determination. I still can't fathom how she reaches home everyday, how she sells, how she manages to send her child to school. But she does, because the quiet composure of hers told me that she will be fine and that she will be able to educate her son well enough to take care of her or so I hope.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Between the time I last wrote to today, few things happened.

  1. Awesome vacation to Goa - I went with two of my girl friends and what a vacation it was. I always thought what was the big deal about Goa but there indeed is. It is such a beautiful - carefree place. People lie down on the beaches, on the pool side, in the shacks and unwind. It gave me a such a happy high feeling that for a few days after coming back I was mentally still there.
  2. I watched a couple of movies - Barfi and Oh my God to be precise. Loved both of them. Barfi is sweet and sensitive. Oh my God is real and practical. The Indian cinema is taking leaps one after the other and like many other things this also makes my heart swell with pride.
  3. October is here which means that the warm sunshine is back and the air smells sweet again. I like winters, I have always liked winters. Delhi winters bring along a charm which is matchless. The cuddling up in quilts, the warm water bath, the socks which adorn my feet. Ah, the changing seasons and assorted memories.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The way we live

My blood pressure will touch the sky one day, I get so worked up but what do I do, honestly dear blog, I was as polite as I could be and then such atrocious response.

A week back, I went to the market near my place. There is a small parking space right in front of the market. I was wanting to park but how could I, back and front wherever I saw, there were men conveniently using the space to relieve themselves. Old and young, literate and illiterate all alike. I waited for about five minutes and then parked. My blood had already boiled by them so I decided to wait another two minutes for this man who had just relieved him. I told him "this is market place and not your washroom". He simply said "usse bhi kaho na" and left. What choice did I have, to go and tell the other person or simply let it pass. I let it pass.

Today, while my head was going berserk with work. I stepped out for a cup of tea. There is a tea stall right in front of my office building. There were other people too, who were taking break from the monotony of the day. A group of three were having tea and omelette bread at the stall, this one particular guy, ate and left the plastic plate on the pavement near the stall. He was about to leave, when I told him that he left the plate there and a dustbin is right here (subtlety, you see). He asked me harshly, "what do you mean". I told him straight, "I mean, you should have thrown the plate in the dustbin". He said severely "what if I don't feel like doing it". I said "I will do it" and I picked the plate and threw in the dustbin. But will I do this again, I don't know.

Impossible is the word for the way we live, dirty are our ways and incorrigible are the means.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flip charts

Actually, I am still trying to figure out dear blog what I want to write. I have a couple of things in mind but let me see, I think it is the flip chart story that I am going to tell you about today. So, last two days I was in this training program, the theme of which was Passion. In the penultimate session, our facilitator asked us to individually take up a flip chart and depict in pictures "What is the source of my motivation" and "How do I display my passion". This seemed like a mammoth task, as I am particularly bad in drawing since childhood days. I am quite verbose and can talk for hours but drawing, that just isn't my cup of tea. I tried resisting but in vain and found solace in the fact that there are many like me in the participants who had the same inhibition about drawing and that too drawing a story that depicts passion and motivation!

Anyway, so by the time, I was wondering how will I draw anything, we got the flip charts and the sketch pens. I saw everyone scratching their heads and slowly making something on their flip chart, I thought I had to make something too so I started with whatever little was coming in my mind. We had half an hour and before I could realize, people were calling out my name to stop and put the flip chart on the wall. I was almost happy with the result. But what made me super happy was looking at the 25 odd flip charts adorning the walls. Each flip chart did have a story, it did talk about the individual's source of motivation and passion. The room looked so very vibrant. We had all used simple pictures like trees, mountains, sun, birds, motorbikes, pots, people, books, trophies and money to depict the purpose of our lives. Each participant then went in the front and explain what the drawing was all about. It was wonderful dear blog, simple pictures, saying great things. Ordinary looking men and women talking about their sense of purpose.

Each of us went to the detail of what we want to do in life, how it is linked to the passion, what is it that motivates me as a person. Quite an enriching experience, I must say. You know that "fire in the belly" phrase, I used to think only some determined people have it but no its the other way round, everyone, each one of us has that fire in the belly, it is only the determined ones who dare to bring that fire to the fore and light up a sphere around them!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slow down my dear life

I long for that idleness which I hated once. Its been quite some time since, I savored a bite, took a nap in the afternoon, went for a long leisure walk in a park, read a book one page at a time, listened to a song while lying down or sat talking without looking at my watch. I want to slow down dear blog, for it is running each second, each minute, each hour. While I write this post, I am thinking of quickly having a glass of juice, finish the book, reply to mails, check the stay arrangements in Goa, have the vitamin and sleep. While I will sleep, I will make a mental note of the things I want to wind up tomorrow, while I will bath, I will think of what to wear, and while on my way to work, I will probably call a person whom I promised to call a week back. While at work, I wont even begin to tell, what all will be running through my silly little head. It is not that I don't like being busy, on the contrary, being busy keeps me happy and engaged but you know I am kind of craving for the nothingness which used to be.

Slowing down in my daily routine life is one thing but jumping from here to there is quite another. If there is an analogy to a racing car, then it is the way people lead their lives. From this lane to that, from the zig zag to the halt, from the blind turns to the smooth stretch, it is just so super duper fast. It is very often, I see people around me moving from one person to the other, one relationship to the next, a nice car to a sexy car, a cool phone to an Iphone, a high paying job to a higher paying job. How in such a world, does one truly appreciate the good people or beautiful things or sweet relationships?

This is such a fast track world dear blog, you cant even imagine.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sleepless starry nights

Last night, when I reached home, there was no electricity, it was pitch dark for some reason the back up also wasn't there. I was feeling exasperated, exhausted after a long day, I so wanted my AC to work or at least the fan for even that would give some respite. While I was cursing the electricity woes, I remembered the sleepless starry nights of Roorkee.

Roorkee is the city where I have spent all my summer vacations. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents houses are in Roorkee and so when I was young, we used to go and spend summers there. Trust me dear blog, if there is one thing I really hated about Roorkee it was, the constant electricity trouble. It would just go off for hours and come back only on its own sweet pace. Day time, I used to manage by playing games, endless talking, eating mangoes and getting pampered but the nights were tough. If the electricity would go off in the night, it meant that a sleepless starry night was in store. There were preparations, which I did. A folding bed in the veranda, a mosquito net which covered it from all sides, Odomas cream all over my legs and hands and then staring into sky, making beautiful constellations. Sleep wouldn't come still and then I would pester my grandmother to tell a story; Mahabharata, Akbar - Birbal, Chanakya and the like. While the stories would continue, one after the other, I would fall asleep in her lap easily, comfortably.

That was the last of my sleeping under the sky, in the breeze of the trees that stood tall, along side chattering of the fireflies. It was an era in itself, quiet, sleepless, starry :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finding a partner of whatever - Part 2!

Remember, my dear blog, some days back I had written about how I have many male friends and how they have confided in me about the kind of partner they want. I had written about various things, some true, some partially true but a surprisingly huge number of my friends came back and told me that I had hit the bull's eye. They admitted to a lot of what I had written and obviously wanted to know about my thoughts on the other side of the story i.e what girls/women want in their partners.

I hate to admit it, but women species is a little more (please read hugely more) complicated than the men. Men are fairly simple, they can be stereotyped and written about without much ado, but, God save me when it comes to girls. However, I shall still try and give a perspective. This perspective like the earlier one is also an amalgamation of the thought process of the many many friends, foes and colleagues that I have. Ok, I haven't even really started and I feel how do I write ALL of what I know.

Let me begin from the most fundamental truth, girls really have no clue what they want when it comes to choosing a partner. They are as clueless as a 3 year old kid would be on being asked about rocket science, however they will never agree or admit to this. Girls will cover up and be as straight as possible when it comes to this topic.They will actually make a laundry list of traits which a guy should possess. Without exaggeration, this list will have 8 - 10 parameters including looks, height, income and even specific hobbies. Till now, this is all fine, the problem starts when they start evaluating the poor guy on all of these accounts, the guy falls short (literally or figuratively) and thus the girl meets the next one and then the next. This goes on for an insanely long period and then my dear girl suddenly starts saying, "I only need someone to take care of me and love me". This, my dear blog is only the half truth, because it is now that the laundry list has just been expanded. Girl is now jealous of another girl already in a relationship and mentally adds "love" and "care" to the earlier finalized 10 parameters. And in the meanwhile, the girl already in a relationship is nagging to the poor boy, about how he is missing on all of the 10 parameters.

It is funny but true, girls like boys also do not want equal partners, they literally want better halves. It is such a taboo for a girl to settle down for a guy who is slightly less educated (remember the laundry list), earns a rupee less than her, does not drive a bigger car or is not as fluent in English as her. It is super fun to just listen to a girl talking about her aspirations (yes, that's the word).

I can write no more dear blog, for I have already broken the sisterhood vow of keeping such stuff to myself. Please also note, that in the interest of this blog, I had to use the word "they" instead of "we". For all practical purposes, you may replace the word.

I am very very tired dear blog, but then something within me is itching and so here I am typing and wondering yet again if I will make any sense.

You know, I am an eternal optimist and absolutely nothing can dither me to think in the happy, dreamy and larger than life direction. Like many other days, today also I was telling myself that bigger, better and beautiful things are in store. I always tell this to myself and from constant reinforcement of this belief I have come to realize that hope is quite a spectacular thing. It gives the courage to keep going on, the strength to keep smiling and the heart to keep loving. Please do not think dear blog, that something is going wrong with me, it is all wonderful and nice, I am only in the mood to write about the things I keep pondering about and this is one of them. Retrospectively, I look at things differently, may be we all do but increasingly I realize how many bigger, better, beautiful things were lying all around, waiting to be taken but I didn't take for reasons known only to me. It is like, there were chocolates laid down on table and I could have had them, but then I needed to stretch my hand, I needed to trust that the chocolates were nice and then make the effort of putting them in my mouth. I, if given my own fears decided not to do that small bit, then God help me.

It is excellent to be hopeful but then what will hope do alone, if there is no effort or conviction in the things which life bestows. I read a real thoughtful line somewhere and it goes like "the happiest people don't have the best things, they simply appreciate the things that they have.." It makes all the sense in the world to me only if my sense remains with me all the time.

P.S. - As a matter of fact, I usually love and appreciate a lot of things that I have and it is one of the days, when I am being overly critical of myself.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I am the Boss

Life has its own special way of saying that "I am the boss". It is spectacular to see how things I would have claimed with absolute confidence, would turn upside down and I would just end up laughing at myself. This isn't necessarily bad or good, its only about knowing that I can never be big or smart enough to know what is in store. Pleasant surprises, happy endings, sad journeys all form a part of it. In fact, "you never know" has become my life's most deep routed mantra. It is like for anything and everything that I see going in a direction, takes a "U" turn and then I say, see I told ya "You never know"!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Main bade hoke Mary Kom banoongi

It is really funny, how people like me, oblivious to what various sports stand for, suddenly start rooting for that one person who thousand miles away is living his/her dream. The dream which was neither easy nor rosy, the dream which was only about an individual’s determination transforms into a nation’s pride.

India’s middle class has a typical mentality and trust me, I am all for it, but there are places this mindset fails and abysmally fails. Sports is one of that areas, kids from an early age are asked what they want to be when they grow up. The kids usually know by the time they are in first grade, that being engineers, doctors, scientists, IAS officers, will please parents and hence that is the answer, innocently spelled out. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being one of the above but how strange it can be that very few say that they want to be boxers, athletes, swimmers and the like. Kids don’t know much and the society ensures that they don’t tread that path. But when there is this one person who rises, purely out of his/her own self worth, we all with bated breath, pray and hope that he/she wins.

Fortunately or unfortunately, if the person wins, its great and if he/she doesn’t then God save them. There are endless long posts about how a billion plus people are capable of producing no medals and how there is palpable difference between the quality of our athletes and the rest. The more stories I read about our heroes, the more it sinks in, that the stars who today are being hailed and watched for, never even got the basic equipment to learn, no encouragement, no support, little diet and unfathomable obstacles. It makes my heart swell with pride that if even 1 person can beat such odds then how many of my countrymen will shine when the nation will rise from slumber and they will get the enablers to reach the pinnacle.

I will wait for that day, and I feel it will be in my lifetime when girls playing in parks will say “main bade hoke Mary Kom banoongi”. For now, signing off and switching on my television to watch another spectacle. Go for GOLD Sushil J

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apathy at its best

I usually refrain from writing about things which have been written and spoken about everywhere possible. But today, I can't hold back for I am saddened, horrified and disgusted to no end.

A teenager is molested in full public view by a mob. She is thrashed, manhandled, slapped, stripped, groped for good 30 minutes and people, a whole lot of people just pass by. A video gets uploaded of the despicable incident and shakes the consciousness. People (read power) give statements, strong lofty statements but in these statements the name, identity and picture of the victim gets slipped out. They had to make a point, how does it matter if their point mercilessly takes someone's barely left self esteem. Thereafter, political leaders to self proclaimed protectors everyone comes and preaches how a girl should get dressed. How the dress should evoke respect and not lust. And this is not where the story will end, my dear blog, it will continue for days, months, years to come. The accused are arrested but not punished, the smiles on their faces may have vanished but the face remains, the ugly face of devil remains, protected, guarded somewhere away from the victim who lost it all.

If being a girl makes me shudder everyday, then there was more to come. A senior level HR executive of one of my favorite car brands was burnt to death. The nature of death was such, that I tremble with fear even while casually talking about it. Mr Awanish Kumar Dev was made immobile and then his office was set on fire. Such brutal cold blooded murder of a decent, respectable, working man makes me wonder if life, work,  ambition, education, ethics have any meaning left. There was trouble brewing within Maruti and it is understandable that there was mass discontent, anger, frustration but a person being burnt to death cannot be fathomed. Nothing whatsoever can ever justify this ghastly incident. Nothing but shame is what I feel for the society, the judiciary, the government, the India Inc. and for myself.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

कुछ मैंने खोया, कुछ तुमने खोया
खो कर तुम्हे था, फिर से पाया..

जो पल तुम्हारे साथ बीते, वो एक याद बन गए
एक सुहाने सपने की तरह, बीती हुई बात बन गए
उन चांदनी रातों में, कुछ मीठी बातों में
प्यार के ख्वाबों में, हसीं मुलाकातों में

खो कर तुम्हे था, फिर से पाया
कुछ मैंने खोया, कुछ तुमने खोया..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work ummm weather!

There is slight mist in the air, the leaves are greener than ever, soothing breeze is blowing away and from my office window, world looks lovely. I was waiting for the rains to arrive and they have arrived, gracefully and beautifully. My only problem (yes, I still have a problem) is that I don't feel like working in such good weather. Every morning, I wake up and think of bunking office. I haven't done it till now, but the urge is so strong, that one day I think I will succumb to the temptation. I only was trying to console myself that in such good weather, no one likes to work when I realized that whatever the weather conditions be, I don't like to work. For example, only a fortnight back, sun shone brightly and stepping out meant literally getting oneself burnt. Now, even in that weather, I felt like bunking office and lazying around. Going further back, when it was freezing cold, all I wanted was to bunk office and snooz off the entire day. Only if wishes were horses!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

If only I could be with you..

If only I could be with you
Life would be a dream come true

In the hard days n lonely nights
All I thought of, is me loving you
All I cared about is looking in your eyes
And knowing that our love is true

I don’t know, how not to think
Of the house I built for the two of us
With curtains blue and walls pink
Of the togetherness which was so dear

It is strange that you don’t miss
Our endless chatter, the hearty laughter
The holding of hands, the sweet kiss
It is over as if it was never to begin

If only I could be with you
Life would be a dream come true

Friday, June 29, 2012

Life is a lovely song..

What an evening it was, I can't stop singing, foot tapping, humming and smiling. I have been a music lover since I don't know when. If I am happy, sad, bored, excited, nervous, gloomy, dreamy i.e if I am alive, all I want is music. In music also, I have the knack to automatically tune into songs which suit the mood and then content I go in life. So anyway, after the prelude, let me come to what made me super happy today. I, with my office team gave farewell to a colleague and the place we went to was Harry's Karaoke Lounge Bar. It was all nice and simple - cracking stupid jokes, having drinks, lots of food and good music. As the evening progressed, we realized, since it is a Karaoke place, we could actually SING. I mean, no one ever cared to listen, not even myself whenever I tried singing. But then, as the famous saying goes - each dog has its day. Today, was my day. I went upto the person managing the show, told him the songs I wanted, then took the mike, sang with all my might and did a little bit of jig too. It is just so cool, to be able to stand right up there, look at the screen and sing the way you want to. I am so going to Karaoke places more often!

Life is a lovely song..
and I want to just sing it along :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding a partner or whatever!

I have so many friends and all of them are either married, engaged or in the process. I won't write about the former because as we all know, for them the story has come to a full stop. And I can perhaps write books about the latter one, i.e the ones who are in process of finding a partner or in other words who are in limbo. Since, this is a topic, on which everyone has a opinion or two cents to offer, I will pick up a relatively small and easier to comprehend  subject to write on, which is "what do guys look for when they are out there to find their better half or as I put it, the smaller half".

Going back, to the point that I have many friends, a whole lot are from the other sex and like many other things, they also have shared the kind of partner they are looking for. I was initially surprised but now have come to terms with the fact that they are looking for someone who is educated but not ambitious, good to have a conversation with but not who can speak her mind out, who is working but has a job which is neither demanding nor high paying, who is independent but can easily adjust in a joint family and finally who is beautiful to look at. There is nothing wrong with all what my friends have in mind, but the only part being that all throughout their lives they admire and appreciate women who are equals to them, whom they openly and frankly call awesome but when it comes to settling down in life, the awesome friend is just not an option and I am not saying a girl would want to explore a relationship with a male friend but well friends of friends could have worked right. Sadly, it doesn't, the male friends openly without a hint of remorse and shyness say.. "oh she is ambitious, may be as much as I am", "oh she earns way too much, after the recent raise, its a little more than I do", "she reads my mind quickly and its way too difficult to fool her". Come on guys, is your self worth that shaky, that any girl worth your stature is not giving a genuine try. Just imagine, what a plight it is for such girls, they have everything but a partner and primarily because they are good and may be as good as you are!

I know, the para above is slightly cynical and has generalized all my male friends which probably is not true. There is indeed a smaller subset of guys who don't look for smaller halves but for companions and equal partners for life. Since they are few in number, they are taken usually during school or college days. Thumbs up to all those who stood up for the girls they admired and what do I say for the rest, well all the best!

P.S. - I have met enough people of both kinds and all eventually find or are in the process of finding their partners so be happy and keep looking out :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two T's

There are so many moments in life, when things go terribly wrong, when the most beautiful dream gets shattered, when all of life's roses turn into thorns and there is nothing that one can do. Helplessness, dejection, misery is all that mind gets engulfed with.  It is in these times, when my tried and tested two T's help. Now before my dear blog, you wonder, that I am going to go on tangent, I will let you know what my two T's stand for - tears and talk.

I hate writing blogs which makes me or the occasional reader sad but trust me, this is not going to be like one of those, lets-get-into-depression posts. In fact, in this post, I am going to tell you about my secret recipe to happiness after mess. First, I will write about tears, yes I know for most it would be "why the hell should one cry" but my funda is exactly the opposite. It works like this, lets just accept that everything has gone topsy turvy and there is nothing which will make it better, then why not cry and make oneself feel at least a tad bit better. And mind you dear blog, when I say tears, its not the silent-in-the-dark tears, I am talking about. I am talking pretty much about tears which are enough to fill a bucket. You need to cry as if there has never been a more sad moment in life, cry with hoarse voice and cry without inhibitions (yes, let the nose run too). In short, cry the way babies do and don't be in a hurry to be quiet and sober again. I feel in a lot of ways, crying is a cathartic experience, it lets the stupid sad feeling out of the system and if you cry the way I suggest, then you will anyways be so tired of the whole experience that the event in itself will look smaller and more manageable.

If tears lets the damaged and rotten feelings out, then Talk has even more of a soothing effect on oneself. The more I talk, the more comforted I am, the only caveat being that you need to talk to people who are mature and who love you more than anyone else in the world. For example, I talk to my mom and daddy cool. My mom not just empathizes but makes it known that it is indeed sad the way things turned out to be, and it is such a comforting feeling that your own mother shares the sorrow. My daddy cool on the other hand, makes me feel strong, gives me pep talk and tells me I-know-you-can-handle. It becomes imperative post that, and I automatically am able to get a grip on things. If by chance, there is something which still lingers on in the mind, then long long phone calls and coffee conversations with best friends and life is simple
r, happier again!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girls, forever crazy girls

Some days back, I went shopping by myself and as expected, got super confused. This or that, I had no clue. I tried two dresses at least 4 times each and finally picked up one. When I got home, I suddenly felt the urge to change and get the other one. So next day, I went straight to the store again and as if my mind was waiting for me to get there, I was in two minds again. This time I thought, nothing doing, so I went shamelessly tapping aunties, girls and asking them to suggest which dress is better. Only when at least 4 people confirmed that pink one looked the best, I bought it! I thought for many days that I was the only moron capable of doing this but guess what, I am not alone. Over the last weekend, I went mall hopping again, this time thankfully with my parents and there I saw a girl coming towards us. She innocently looked at mommy and asked "Aunty, what do you think about this Kurti": I smiled and helped her buy the stuff.

If the above proves, that all (at least some) girls are confused shopaholics then this para will delve in the pervasive self obsession. I remember when I was very young, 3 years or so, I was short ( of course) and so couldn't reach up to the washbasin mirror or any other mirror in the house, I would go to the kitchen and see myself in a steel water filter we used to have. This was not it, when I was a teenager and out of house, I used to stop by at at the parked cars and look at myself in the side mirrors. My friend used to say, I am the only one who does such crazy stuff. But after so many years, I realize, I am not alone. Yesterday, while de boarding the metro, there was a college girl in front of me and an aunty behind me and all three of us, while waiting for the door to get opened, checked ourselves out, touched the hair and tried looking primmer. I felt great and bonded at the same time.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Merc :( Welcome Audi :)

You know blog, I am super sad, for my darling Merc is going to go away very soon. The sense of loss is immense, it was my first car and so the attachment I have cannot be explained in words. I can recount my journey with Merc as if it was yesterday. I was 18 when I started to drive, and this was the vehicle which gave me the strength to be on my own. It sure made me nervous, made me shudder initially but gradually gave me the confidence and comfort that its always going to be around.

My Merc is actually a 22 year old Maruti 800, without AC, without music system, without the luxury of power steering but that never mattered, because I loved it and it loved me back. I had just begun my journey into the adulthood, when it had started crumbling down but together we shared, we cared. In my Merc, I have cried bitterly, laughed heartily, shared secrets, hugged friends, whispered sweet nothings, held hands, all while it was watching me over. It was the comforting feeling of having been in my own space, my own world. There have been tough times too, when I was stranded in Merc, middle of heavy rain, honking traffic, late evening, but there was never a moment when I felt scared. I mean, I thought only people evoke such emotions but no even things do, lifeless things, things which are adored, which are special. And my Merc is one of things which will always remain special, which will be forever missed.

As you can guess, since Merc is going, there is a new entrant in my life and it obviously has to be the Audi. So my new car is an i10 Magna and it is super awesome. Red, cute, smooth, chic and stylish. Yesterday, it came home and how lovely it looked. I drove it and trust me dear blog, driving a new car is like holding a new born baby. I was so nervous, so scared to take it in my own hands. I was being extra careful with each turn, each gear change, but the drive was wonderful. It comforted me in its own new ways and I felt relieved. I am already in love with my Audi and I truly hope that the journey with Audi is as beautiful as it was with my Merc.

Welcome my dear Audi :) You will get all what you ever imagined!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Words spoken
Bitter or sweet
Leave a mark
Dark and deep

Feelings expressed
Of love or hate
Keep lurking
In hands of fate

Dreams seen
Small or big
Bring a smile
A little kick

Promises made
For death or life
Make this world
Worth the strife..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evergreen ads

Who could ever envisage that a 30 second clip for boosting the sales of a product, as inconsequential as detergent powder or cooking oil can leave a deep and long lasting impression. I don’t how many people take advertisements seriously but I will talk about myself and well I take them very seriously. There are ads and so many of them these days, that before I catch a first glimpse of them, they stop appearing. But there are some from the glorious past, which I can never forget, these are the ones which sometimes make me smile, sometimes make me think and sometimes make my heart go mush.

I was discussing with a friend recently about the ads I love. I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number and my memory. The ads which came to my mind were different yet similar, sweet but simple. I will write about all of them but first I must confess that I am in awe of the imagination and creativity of the ad writers and directors. How beautifully an Asian paints ad show a brother sister duo who want to paint their home sometimes like a sea and sometimes like a jungle, the sister coaxes the brother to cut paper and cloth to decorate the wall and cutely just says “Chintu to kuch cutting shutting kar raha hai” when their parents call. The ad showed how each home is special, is unique and means the world to someone. When I recalled this ad, I also remembered one Surf excel ad in which a brother sister duo are returning from school. The girl falls in a mud puddle and starts crying, the boy suddenly acts all big, he kicks and boxes the puddle and finally when he is smeared in mud, smiles and says to his little one “sorry bol raha hai” they happily walk away and for the first time in life, mommies can say “daag ache hain”. There was also this very old Dhaara ad where an adorable young boy leaves his house because everyone scolds him but he comes back because his mom has made jalebi, sweetness in life it depicts.

If the above ads were about emotions and feeling, then there were others whose approach for serious and sincere. Few years back, when India was at the cusp of telecom boom, Airtel was a big name. They started coming with ads and what fabulous ads, one I vividly remember was on the theme “Express yourself”. It showed people in different situations, a girl getting married, burning streets, Sachin on a century, each picture depicting an emotion: inspire, confess, celebrate and what not. It’s an ad not emotional but gives me goose bumps still. Airtel didn’t stop there, it kept innovating: and there came an ad where two children across the border start playing with a ball, a message overhead says “there is no war or barrier that can keep us apart, if only we talk to each other”. If that one left me thinking, there were others which were truly romantic, truly wonderful.

Ads kept bringing one after the other theme. It was no more changing channels for there were ads but perhaps staying on a channel because there were ads. Dairy milk, my favorite chocolate brand took my imagination with a lovely girl dancing on the field after her boy hits a six.  The recent silk ads where people eat clumsily are anyway too cute to ignore.  I also recall Maruti esteem ads, one in which a young boy tells all the marks he gets, but his dad doesn’t scold him because the drive was so good. There was a young girl too, who keeps asking her dad if he got birthday present or promotion and then when she gets the car key, she is elated, she just says “My daddy’s big car”. These ads want me to always sit up, take notice and wonder about how incredible the life can be, only if I was an ad director.

The more I think, the more I remember. But for the sake of being precise, I will just end with my all time favorite, its not just one ad but a series carved out of love, respect, trust and  admiration. It is the Raymonds complete man series:  a daughter getting married, a teacher invited to wedding, a son getting foreign posting.  Each one saying a story, a story which is true, tender and touching.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have a thing for cities

You know dear Blog, I have been visiting so many cities purely out of chance and there is not one city which I haven't liked till date. There is some or the other characteristic to be enticed about. Very recently I went to Hyderabad (for work of course), this was my second trip and I loved everything about the city, the drive from the airport to the city, the acceptance of people from all parts of the country, the chaos on the Char Minar, the calmness of Hussain Sagar. Its a city which has moved with time and still not lost its original charm.

I won't write about Delhi and Mumbai because, you know how much I am in love with both of them though for eclectic reasons. But, I can't write about cities and not mention Ahmedabad in this post. I have stayed in Ahmedabad for 30 days and what a beautiful stay it was. Lush green park (Law garden), fabulous places to eat, Kankaria lake, Akshardham temple, it is such a light and peaceful place, contrary to my belief of it being pregnant with tension. Then, there was Bangalore, which I visited for a couple of days but I clearly remember it being cosmopolitan. It has moved faster than a lot of other places and thus I felt liberated there. Almost 5 years back, I visited Pune, the stay was for a day but are you surprised that instantly I fell in love with the city. It was fresh and young, the memory of which still makes me feel like a college girl!

I have been to Lucknow, Chandigarh and Jaipur too. They were marvelous in their own ways. Lucknow was colourful, Chandigarh plush and Jaipur royal. You know whenever I am in a new city, I actually go to the "places to see" in google and then tick mark them diligently. Small joys of life, and may be its time to plan a trip to a city not traveled yet - may be to the city of joy :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Places of worship

Places of worship are where Gods live and so I was taught as a toddler to always bow down. I did, as told like an obedient girl. My places of worship revolved around the various temples which in many ways were similar. There would be adorned idols of Gods, folded hands, prayers and pandit ji. This to me encapsulated everything which a place of worship stood for. I neither was fascinated nor disillusioned, I was neutral at best.

I would have lived and died in my neutrality but for a casual visit to a Gurudwara. The white clean rugs, the covered heads, the prostration, the bright piece of cloth around the holy book, the Shabad, the parshad, it was magical to the core. I felt at peace and became a regular visitor to the Gurudwaras. I thought now, I have discovered it all but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth for I was still to comprehend the humbling concept of "Sewa".

Sewa to Sikhs is the purest form of devotion, everything small and big which can be done in the service of another man and community in general is undertaken by the devotees. Distinguished men polish shoes smeared with filth and dirt; carefree young girls and boys safe keep the shoes of anyone and everyone who enters the abode, affluent women serve and cook when hundreds sit to satiate their hunger and the little ones run around with whatever their hands can carry. Sikhs seek opportunities to do Sewa, it is the essence of their religion and the path towards salvation. It is amazing to see how ingrained, how selfless the devotion is. It is not that I haven’t seen devotion elsewhere, but devotion to another being, is what mesmerizes me. 

Thank you God, for taking me to a Gurudwara, thank you for letting me know whatever I today know of Sewa. 

And now a picture of the most beautiful place of worship I have ever visited J

Monday, April 23, 2012


I am back dear blog, with many many updates to share, and between the time when you and I had our last rendezvous, I have traveled to Hyderabad, Khandala and Mumbai. It was good but I feel great to be back, after all home is home.

You know dear blog, when on official trips, I usually talk a lot, to colleagues who turn out to be great friends. We chit chat starting from the casual and end into sharing deep feelings. You will be surprised to know what I found common in all such silly-turned-serious conversations. We are all entangled here or there, each one in each moment.. thinking, dreaming, wishing, praying for something.. for someone. In absolute terms, no one is really happy, every one has his her own cribs, pain points to sort out, but in moments all of us are or at least have the choice to be.

There are friends of both types, who continually overlook the moments and there are others who live in moments as if there is no tomorrow, laugh as if never cried and love as if never been hurt! I like it this way, who knows what is in store day after, a month later or may be a decade hence.

P.S - Don't you think I have become philosophical :O

Friday, March 30, 2012

What we do and why?

Dear Blog, I am going to tell you something real obvious today, but you may have also not realized it, the way I didn't for a long long time.

It was one of these Sundays in the last month when mommy said that she wants me to patiently listen to what she has to say and try to implement it too. I was in high spirits and committed to her that she can tell me whatever, I shall abide by it. She began and ended and in less than five minutes but got me thinking many times post our discussion. Basically mommy asked, that "do you know why we behave rudely with someone", "do you know why we shout at others", "do you know why we get irritated when a nobody asks for help". She said because we CAN. What she meant was that, when we shout at someone, we know at the back of our minds that we CAN afford to shout, similarly when we behave rudely that is because we CAN behave rudely and get away with it and last but not the least we get irritated for the simple reason that we CAN help but well why bother. Mommy also said, that this how one becomes arrogant, this is why power (in which ever form) goes to our mind and plays its wicked games.

Isn't this profound dear blog, I always, since ages felt that I shout because someone has bugged me, I behave rudely because I am upset! Its just not this, its only how I have conditioned myself to believe. It took me a while to digest this revelation but when I did, I decided to be more patient, (trust me, my job really tests me on this one) not shout, never be rude and be helpful as much as possible. Its been a few weeks and I have managed to score decently on all accounts (with of course a lot of a conscious effort). So much and more for being my mommy's wonderful daughter :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There have been too many questions floating in my head recently and sadly I didn't have any satisfactory answers. Questions about life, love, destiny and the like. There are only two choices when I am bombarded with such existential questions viz. put them at back of mind and get going or figure out answers. I miserably failed at both, neither could I get my mind off them, nor could I convince myself with whatever few arguments I could conjure.

Fortunately or unfortunately, life always gives indications if not answers. The only problem being that they are sometimes too small to recognize, sometimes too trivial to cognize and more often than not too harsh to accept but then they are always there. So when I was on a losing war against my questions, I got indications and respite thereafter. As I write, I remember how varied, how relevant, they were and are.

One of my common cribs is that I never usually get things on time, I mean in my mind I have no doubt that I deserve the best but then there is an unnecessary and painstakingly long wait. It was that very day, when I was in my low of lows that I read somewhere "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain". I got the point, plain and simple and felt miles better than before.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I have been slightly down and out in the last few days, have cried, had depressing thoughts, cursed my fate and called friends to tell my plight. Its unusual, because I generally don't like doing it but well some days I can't help it. It was something really small that triggered it but led to a chain reaction, it was like going into a downward spiral. I thought this was the end of my happy life when I remembered God, faith and everything else that has been a part of my upbringing. First time in my life I felt, how difficult life would be for atheists. Hypothetically speaking, there is no one that doesn't go through ups and downs in life and when people who do not believe in the existence of a supreme power go through lows, what do they do, what do they hold on to.

Faith is a wonderful thing I realize, I can turn to faith come whatever may. No questions asked and no answers given. It helps me keep going, makes me fight bad times and lends me the strength to look up and smile. As I ponder more on this subject, the more it emphasizes itself. When I look back at all the tough times I have gone through, I can conclude that its always the same things that comfort, optimism, faith in God and kind words.

Its fortunate to have a memory which keeps wise and kind words in some space from where they can always be recovered. A friend once told me, "In the end, its all going to be fine" and another told me "Since you have reached the nadir, there is only going upwards" and an uncle whom I met on flight said "Life is like a game of cards, you can't change the cards but play as well you want to". I just replayed all these phrases in my mind and am back to being the happy - strong person I want to be.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

You must be the change you want to see in the world

The title of my post is my favorite quote and I always felt that it says a thousand words. It sometimes act as an inspiration and at other times, makes me introspect. There are things which I claim to be passionate about but when it comes to making a difference, I either feel tired or overwhelmed by the entire idea. It is true to a great extent that one in an ocean will not matter much but it does matter and I have started realizing this and thankfully so. Its only the other day, when my granny (badi mummy) had come over to our place, she who was once the most beautiful woman has now become frail and small but well that's not the point. The point is that I took her along to a mall in Noida and to reach the mall there is a crossover bridge. We were generally walking at our own pace, when suddenly mommy realized that she wasn't comfortable using the escalator, not that she hasn't been on it before, but for some strange reason she was scared that day. Mommy comforted her and told me and daddy cool to keep going while they will follow us. Badi mummy put her small feet gingerly on the escalator and before I realized, I heard mommy shouting, Badi mummy lost her balance and we saw her falling on the escalator, I and daddy cool started going down but all we saw was terror in mommy's eyes. In an instant, all the worst thoughts crossed my head, but before my eyes flashed something very sweet. There were two guys in their 20s who lifted Badi mummy in their arms, they held her in the same way an infant is held, safe and secure. It was such a touching moment, when they finally reached at the top, I thanked them profusely but they stood there comforting us. Badi mummy was unscathed, we smiled through our tears and I thought silently how easy for those guys it was to be change they wanted to see in the world.

I had some years back seen the TOI Lead India campaign, the one in which a small boy puts all he has to remove a roadblock (a tree trunk) so that traffic could move. While many others were comfortably numb in their positions, he braved rain and the huge tree, he made a difference, if nothing else he was an inspiration for the passersby. The video ends with many people joining him and ultimately, the tree gets removed. Watching that video still gives me goosebumps and I end up thinking what a force can be: one thought, one idea, one person. Recently, with some luck and an acquaintance, I got to know about this couple (ISB Graduates) who started a website: www.thebetterindia.com. Their aim is to write and spread awareness about projects/initiatives where people have made incremental difference to society through education, empowerment, entrepreneurship and so on. It is about real people who do real things and lead a life of contentment. The more I read on the website, the more my faith is reinstated: "You must be the change you want to see in the world"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feel good!

Dear Blog, did you see the time and effort I spent to give you a new fresh look? Don't you feel all pepped up in purple? Though the maple leaf looked extremely graceful but then it was some time so I thought that may be you wanted a change and I see you are loving it. Bright and beautiful. You know what, dear blog, it is very important to pamper yourself. When I am bored of myself and I want to feel good, I get a brand new haircut, wear a happy dress, funky shoes and put on a charming lip glossy smile. These seemingly random things give such happiness in this marathon running world of cribbing and cursing, that I can't even explain.

I usually refrain from prescribing stuff but dear blog readers, if any, please try my feel good therapy, the one explained above. For starters, if you feel that getting a funny hair cut has too much of risk involved then I will give you a simple one to begin with. When caught in the middle of bad traffic, put on the ear plugs or the music system (as per your preference) and sing, as loudly as you want to, try doing a small jig too (remember the car is not moving) and give a dazzling smile to the person in the next car. Its going to be awesome, trust me. If this really goes bad, I mean lets say the worst case scenario, you will only get a befuddled look back, the song and jig still remains yours and you can feel proud to be a patient happy member of the crazy city roads. And in most likelihood if it goes well, the person will smile back at you and you will feel doubly good about yourself.

Now, dear blog readers I realize that this post is becoming painstakingly long, but please just one last advice, and its the feel good advice so don't ditch now, come on! Ok, I will keep it terse: drop in compliments here and there, here meaning give compliments to yourself and there meaning give compliments to other people. I can bet (a friendly one of course) that this shall work and you the rare blog reader will come back and say thank you! (Be optimistic, feel good :D)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The joy of cooking

I have never been one of those girls who help mommy with the cooking stuff, on the contrary I would always be seen lazing around with a book or laptop but never ever in the kitchen. I found the entire concept of thinking, cooking, eating and then thinking again for the next meal tiresome and boring but now, all of that is history.

I don't exactly remember the trigger but I know for a fact that I was itching to cook and so I pressed daddy cool to get all different veggies, coaxed mommy to take all her old cookery books out and I began thinking on what I wanted to cook: Indian , Italian, Chinese, Mughlai, Tandoori. I finally decided on a couple of different things and began the grand cooking plan. What a great feeling it is, to clean, chop, butter, marinate, bake, deep fry, grill. When something raw, takes a form and shape that is beautiful, I get excited. But, the ultimate satisfaction is when a loved one appreciates and says "its delicious"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful is..

Beautiful is..
The money plant having drops of dew
The stars lit night with moon blue

Beautiful is..
A chubby child's angelic smile
The rain drops which wets a mile

Beautiful is..
The rainbow in the sky above
The early morning chirping of doves

Beautiful is..
The inimitable serenity of sea
The first kiss under a tree

Beautiful is..
The yellow butterfly on a red rose
And yes may be this little prose :)

Dear Blog, I was going through my diary in which I used to write poems way back in the year 2000 and I had the urge to put this one up here, I hope you will not mind my childishness!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last few days, I made my mommy go crazy as I went about selecting and rejecting the pictures I would put in our house. On my parents bed, was a pile of photographs from my childhood, birthdays, their honeymoon, marriage, holidays and the rest. I sifted through each album many times over before zeroing on the ones which I like the best. I then headed straight for the photographer's shop and asked him to resize the photos, so that they would fit well in the various photo frames I had collected. He got them perfectly done and what I delight it was to see them, to put them carefully in photo frames and finally finding the perfect space for placing them.

Pictures give a whiff of the beautiful past and I love the concept of having pictures clicked today for whatever silly reason possible. As much as this moment may seem like just another day, another time, 20 years from hence or even 2 years from now, it will be a different place, different world and all that will remain of today will be those pictures. We move so fast, one relationship to the other, one job to the next, one holiday and then another, how can one remain sane and remember all that happened in this big beautiful world.

Thank you the great soul who invented the camera, I and Facebook will always remain indebted!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New Year is the time of the year when people exchange greetings quite enthusiastically and I am one of those super enthusiastic ones whom you will find in office canteen, in malls, in parking lots generally smiling and passing the "Happy New Year" look. People also very graciously ask and tell about the New Year resolutions and as much as I am all in for the resolutions, I usually also look back at the Old Year and make a mental note of good - bad things that happened. The Old Year at least deserves a mention, right?

Anyway so when I was doing the same for 2011, all the things that came to my mind were either to do with people, places or experiences. Top of the mind recall were: my Kerala trip with mommy daddy, Jagjit Singh Live in concert with H, euphoria of India winning the world cup, luncheon with my girlies on Valentines, run up to VBs wedding, an evening with AS in Noida, a morning breakfast in Candies, a bachelorette of a friend, a book I read (the color purple), a movie date with daddy cool, a song dedicated by my little cousin, a mid night buffet with my school time buddies and a dress which I randomly bought as a gift to myself. All of this and much more tells me that it is these moments small and big in which we live. Days, months and years pass by but there will always be times to cherish.

Yes yes, I know New Year, you are craving for attention and so here my dear blog for the sake of record I write about the well crafted and thought through New Year resolution. It is called Mission 26 and along with the fancy name comes a lot of hard work namely regular exercise and quitting junk but going by my past three days record, it seems like I will take an eternity to accomplish this and not just the New Year. Though I must give credit to myself for at least taking the stairs both at office and home but If only, this works! I know Mission 26 is tough and that on New Year there is performance pressure but lets see baby, where you take me. Love.