Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love hearing love stories, listening to love songs, reading love notes and seeing pictures of all people in love. And the simple reason of why I would do this is that I like to keep myself happy and what can you make happier than love or even the sight of love. There is also another reason and though it might be difficult to see direct correlation, I will try and put across my point. These anecdotes, songs and pictures which make my heart go mush help me keep faith in this love deprived world where a lot of times I have apprehensions as to whom I will end up with. I mean I know so many guys who would not just smirk at the idea of romance but also ridicule the entire purpose of being in love with someone. And then one fine day, I get to know that they are in love and it is not the “we are friends” love but pretty much “I am crazy for her” love. It amazes me and makes me insanely happy, how cool, if this moron friend who couldn't talk straight to someone has fallen in love with this girl next door then even if a moron falls in for me and vice versa life will be good!
Actually, come to think of it, I recall way too many boys and girls who to my mind can never ever be in love. They were either too headstrong or too weird or too non emotional to be falling in for such crazy chemicals but they proved me wrong and wrong to an extent that I am forced to contemplate my limited understanding of people. Take, for example, this boy in my class who is sweet but his mind is wired in a way that can think only of puzzles and equations. We all treated him as if he was in school and would at least take 20 more years to be able to appreciate or acknowledge any girl but guess what I get to know furtively that this guy was not just dating a smart girl from my class but also is serious about it. In no time, they got hitched and buffoons like me looked at pictures and went awwwed. Then another one, this one I met in my first job and he is to put it succinctly the biggest narcissist world would ever know. He would casually mention, “Ms Dua, with the Greek God kind of looks I have, I will have to wait for a very long time before a super model comes along”. I would laugh at him and think in my head, when on earth he will get serious and settle down. He is the typical, flirt-with-me but I-will-never-marry-you kinds. In fact, I have seen him convincing his friends about how getting married is equivalent to committing suicide but then that was that, and again to my great grand amazement, he was secretly dating this cute girl who also worked with us. I almost fainted and then smiled gleefully knowing that another one knocked out. Also, if I missed mentioning it, he too is getting married and sounds immensely elated with the prospect. My school time buddy who used to protect me from boys and thought they were some lesser mortals, who should never even be spoken to, today keeps cribbing that her fiancĂ©e doesn’t speak much!! And finally, my darling friend whom I claim to know inside out has also turned out to be I-am-your-wife and should I serve you a little more on the dining table. I mean if VB: the strong headed, individualistic, pampered girl can start talking like this then definitely it has to do with love.
All of above only provides me with this happy reassuring feeling that for each one there is at least one who will love like there is no end. There will be one which will carve out a new story, sweet silly poems and happy pictures J

Friday, December 16, 2011

Blanket Distribution

I went last night with two guys for distributing blankets to people who in this freezing cold sleep or rather remain awake in the night. It was an experience quite different to anything I have ever had in life. We went about taking shady roads, looking sideways, trying to find makeshift shelters, for people who needed our blankets. People whom we finally gave blankets were astonished and asked why are we doing this, they looked at us either with suspicion or with surprise. We only smiled and told them to use them and cover themselves properly. It was a feeling of immense satisfaction personally for me as I am someone who covers from head to toe, in layers of clothes and loves the winters. I cannot imagine the feeling of constantly feeling cold and living on the roads and pavements. Hence, I won’t even try defining it, I only hope that these blankets help them tide over these lovely winters the way mine do.