Friday, November 18, 2011


Oh I love the winters chill

But sadly some they kill

While I get cosy in my soft quilt

They shiver in the cruel wind

When I bathe in the luxury of hot

Sometimes snub at the dirty lot

I sleep in the cold; carefree like a queen

But for them it is an elusive dream

For I have a house, a room, a bed

And the other side just a rickety shed

A small thought and a share of your wallet

Is all that’s needed to give needy a blanket

For that poor might also sleep

And we smile at our lil good deed

So, come one and come all

Let’s make this winter as beautiful as fall!

Genesis - I got to know about the Blanket Distribution Drive in Delhi being spearheaded by a group of IIM Ahmedabad graduates and that is what triggered me to write the above poem. Please get in touch with me at in case you would want to be a part of this drive.

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