Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bike rides

This love affair of mine started when I was probably four, my Chachu in Roorkee was a crazy-for-motorcycle-teenager and I was his little Miss India so he would always take his Miss India on long bike rides and even let her accelerate once in a while. It is such a beautiful memory still. In fact, I distinctly even remember him once getting scolded by my grandmother because we came home drenched after a ride in the rain.

Like many other things that one forgets and moves on, bike rides were one such thing. My Chachu grew up to be a responsible husband and father and his Miss India grew up to be a sincere and non adventurous girl and so life went on without any thrill, any wild romance.

Then one day, it came back, out of the blue. I with my friends had gone to Mt Abu for a trip and thanks to a few biking enthusiasts, we took 3 motorcycles on rent and went round n round in circles around the Nakki lake. It was refreshing to the core and I loved each nanosecond of those rides, the trip was over but the love for bike rides was renewed.

From that day till today, I have been looking out for opportunities and people so that I could get a ride and what wonderful rides I have got. Only yesterday, a colleague took me for a ride to India Gate. His bullet makes this ear-drum-breaking-noise which I lovingly call soulful music now, the sheepish me also told him, be a tad bit fast so that I could get a jump on the speed breaker and whoa what a kick I got! I mean it was just out of the world, by the time my ride ended I came to realize that I love bike rides, I love the wind kissing my cheeks and blowing my hair, I love the feeling of being free, of being uninhibited on the roads and that I Wish I could do this more often and by myself K

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